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I drink but I don’t take hard drugs – Hanks Anuku responds to concerned fans

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He stated that his battle with depression makes him drink once in a while.

Nollywood icon Hanks Anuku has clarified that contrary to popular opinion, he does not take illicit drugs in any form, just occasional drinking.

The veteran posted a new video to his Instagram on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, stressing that he has been dealing with depression over the past few years due to his state of unemployment. Anuku then clarified that the recent viral video of his was him at ‘his breaking point’.

He said, “Yes, depression makes me drink but I never take hard drugs, I don’t take hard drugs at all. I drink out of depression, I did not have a job for years, I was thinking about my children, their school fees and their welfare among other things. You know what it is like when it gets to that point. I call it a breaking point, I was broken to pieces and I had to go drinking and that is it.”

The recent viral video in question showed the actor in a somewhat vulnerable state, which he has now confirmed was him intoxicated. In the video, he appeared haggard and incoherent in his speech, yelling at bystanders in a petrol station.

After the video went viral, his fans became worried about his welfare, and afterwards, Anuku made a video requesting financial assistance because of his unemployment.

He said, Thank you all fans and my governor, Sheriff. I have tried my best to uphold my status as an entertainer, so it’s good to let you all know what I’m going through. I have a family and would love to get all the help from you all. Dropping my account details, nothing is ever too small. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.”

Now, he assures his fans and followers that he is doing much better thanks to their prayers and donations.


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