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I needed therapy – Mayorkun on being an errand boy during accounting days

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He was turned into an errand bot during his time working in the bank.

Nigerian singer Mayorkun has described his work experience as a bank accountant as ‘aggravating’.

The singer recalled his time as an accountant during his recent interview on the Tea With Tay Podcast after the host expressed a particular interest in understanding what having a 9-5 was like for him.

Mayorkun stated that after graduating with a degree in accounting, he got a job in a bank even though he was doing music on the side, and it was not what he expected it to be.

He began, “At a point, I thought I was going to have a career in banking. I was doing the ACCA to get certified in the UK, just in case my music did not work out. I had an interview at the bank, and I passed the interview. I had a face-to-face interview, and I was interviewed by the bank manager or something in the banking hall; he just dey fire me questions sha. I passed it, but I thought I was getting a mad job, worked as a banker for a year.”

It turned out that his banking experience was no different from that of an errand boy at his workplace. He stated that he was sent to buy things for the other staff because he was an entry-level staff, and this greatly aggravated him, especially because his career in music had not taken off at the time.

“This bank work, I did not even have a table and a chair, like if we rank the workers, I was right above the helps. The one time someone told me to buy amala, I just started rethinking my life. I have this friend named Emma, we used to work in the bank together; he’s a witness to this. I’d be so angry when I get back from the bank that I’d be crying and writing songs out of anger; it was like I needed therapy at that time,” he added.

Luckily for Mayorkun, he got his big break after being discovered by international superstar Davido in 2016, who signed him to his record label shortly after.


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