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I visited Salt Bae’s restaurant – I paid £130 for spaghetti and £30 for sweetcorn, the total bill was pricier than a car

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A WOMAN has stunned the internet after she shared the eye-watering price she payed for a meal at Salt Bae’s infamous restaurant.

A food blogger who goes by “South Dallas Foodie” took to Twitter to give a dish by dish breakdown of what you can expect to pay – and its not for the fainthearted.


Salt Bae rose to fame due to his unique method of sprinkling salt[/caption]

The owner of the resturant – Salt Bae– rose to fame due to his unique salt-sprinkling technique which has helped him achieve a net worth of £64million.

His restaurant chain Nusr-Et has over 20 locations in Turkey, Greece, the US, the UK, the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Even a sprite at one of his restaurants will set you back £8 – so you can only imagine the amount you would have to cough up to pay for a full meal.

The bill comes from 2021 at Nusr-Et Miami for a table of six – be warned, the final amount is quite shocking.

The breakdown is as follows:

2 × Meat Sushi – £48 (£24 each)

2 x Burrata  £48 (£24 each)

4 × #SaltBae Passion – £97 (£24 each)

2 x Voss Still – £16 (£8 each)

6 x Johnnie Walker Blue £445 (£74 each)

1 x Sprite – £8

2 x Spaghetti – £129 (£64 each)

2 x French Fries – £24

2 x Mashed Potatoes – £31 (£15 each)

2 x Spinach – £31 (£15 each)

2 x Sweet Corns – £31 (£15 each)

2 x 1 Lokum – £129 £64.00 each)  

2 × Istanbul Sirlo £161 (£80 each)

1 x Tomahawk –   – £221

1 × Golden Tomahawk – £804

1 x Sirt for 3 £177

2 x Golden Baklava £105 (£52 each)

1 x Espresso – £5

1 x Tropical Green – £5 

1 x Vin Dore 24K Gold de Brut – £1207

The total bill comes to a staggering £3,722.

Commenting on the bill, the food blogger said: “In what universe does spaghetti cost 80 bucks per serving????”

One user was appalled and slammed the restaurant saying “Tomahawk steaks and JW Blue! Overpriced garbage for people who don’t know any better.”

Another person added: “Although I’ve never met them I am positive that these people are a**holes.”

In 2021, Salt Bae’s  Knightsbridge restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse London, also left some people outraged.

A bill from the restaurant was shared on X and users were again, stunned by the whopping total of £1,821.40.

The most expensive thing on there was a ‘Giant Tomahawk’ steak, costing £630.

This is not the only time Salt Bae has been in the news recently.

In August we told of his new plans for a mega restaurant in Ibiza with hotel rooms and a swimming pool.

He was pictured on an enormous construction site near the heart of Ibiza‘s party district, next to one of the island’s largest beach resorts.

The giant complex will feature swimming pools, restaurants and apartment rooms.

He wrote: “I am currently doing the most important project of my life in ibiza, housing and restaurants project, i love you ibiza, i love you Spain ES #saltbae  #salt #saltlife.”


A food blogger recently visited one of his restaurant and was shocked when she saw the bill[/caption]


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