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Latest NPower News On Pending Payment Today 21 November 2023

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Latest NPower News On Pending Payment Today 21 November 2023

Latest NPower News On Pending Payment Today 21 November 2023

Latest NPower News On Pending Payment Today 21 November 2023 can be accessed below..

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Delays in Stipend Disbursement Spark Concerns Among N-Power Beneficiaries

As the disbursement period promised by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) arrives, former N-Power beneficiaries find themselves in a state of uncertainty, grappling with financial challenges due to the prolonged non-payment of their stipends.

Transitioning into the Beneficiaries’ Sentiments

Beneficiaries express deep dissatisfaction with the extended delay, impacting their ability to meet basic needs. The financial strain raises concerns about the feasibility of pursuing further education or vocational training, disrupting the plans of many who relied on the stipends.

Voices of Concern and Calls for Action

Amid the uncertainty, beneficiaries demand expedited payment processes and clear timelines from N-Power management. Transparency and accountability in financial management are emphasized, as beneficiaries navigate the challenges posed by the prolonged payment delays.

Impact on Education and Vocational Training

The ripple effect of delayed payments extends to education and vocational training plans. One beneficiary, initially set on a skills acquisition program, now faces uncertainty due to the unpredictable nature of the stipend disbursement.

Concerns About Program Reputation

While N-Power has earned acclaim for addressing youth unemployment, the recent delays cast doubt on the program’s sustainability. Questions linger about the impact on its reputation and the potential consequences for its beneficiaries.

Awaiting Management Response

Despite the beneficiaries’ voices echoing concerns, N-Power management is yet to respond. Swift action is anticipated to address the issue, acknowledging the well-being of thousands hanging in the balance.


In the midst of uncertainty, the article aims to shed light on the challenges faced by N-Power beneficiaries, urging transparency, communication, and timely action from the program’s management.

NPower Payment FAQ – November 2023

  1. Has NPower Started Paying for November 2023?
    • The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) plans to commence payment of outstanding stipends for former N-Power beneficiaries from Tuesday, 21st to 30th November 2023.
  2. Is the N-Power Portal Open for 2023 Recruitment?
    • As of now, the portal for N-Power 2023 recruitment is not yet open. Keep checking for updates on the latest developments.
  3. What is the News About N-Power Payment?
    • Plans are in place to disburse nine months’ outstanding stipends to beneficiaries from November 2023, with payments to be carried out in installments, according to statements from N-Power officials.
  4. Why Can’t I Log into My NPower Dashboard?
    • The N-Power portal for dashboard login is currently under suspension. Communication will be made to the public when the portal is reinstated.
  5. How Do I Resolve NPower Payment Failure?
    • Currently, dashboard login is unavailable. The Ministry possesses details of beneficiaries with payment failure and will initiate the disbursement of pending payments soon.
  6. Why is My NPower Payroll Showing Pending?
    • If your N-Power Batch C payroll status shows “Pending,” it indicates that your BVN has been validated, and you will receive payment.
  7. When is the NPower Payment Date for November 2023?
    • Payments are scheduled to occur from Tuesday, 21st to 30th November 2023. While the exact disbursement day is unspecified, the Ministry has assured that beneficiaries will be paid this month.
  8. Is N-Power Redesigning into Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme?
    • Yes, efforts are underway to redesign N-Power into the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme, with plans for communication about new recruitment after settling pending payments.
  9. How Do I Log into NPower Portal?
    • N-Power portal login is at However, due to program suspension, login is currently unavailable.
  10. What Should I Do if I Have Concerns About N-Power Payment?
    • While awaiting management response, express concerns through official channels. Transparency and communication are crucial in addressing beneficiary uncertainties.


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