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Mystery over village terrorised by ‘7ft face-peeling ALIENS’ could be solved as investigators find ‘ sinister’ answers

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INVESTIGATORS are convinced something “very sinister” is at play in a Peruvian village said to be being terrorised by mysterious 7ft creatures.

Petrified locals in San Antonio de Pintuyacu have blamed “yellow-eyed” beasts for the attempted abduction of a teenage girl and even claimed the mysterious attackers tried to remove her face.

Twitter /@planethunter56

Explorer, Timothy Alberino, travelled to the jungle with his ex-marine pal, Doug Thornton, to investigate reports of an attempted abduction[/caption]

Timothy spoke to a young girl, Talia, who claimed she had been attacked by terrifying figures dressed in dark armoured suits
Following the attack Talia was left with two deep lacerations on her neck
A teenage girl was reportedly attacked by one of the 'strange beings'
This image shows the aftermath of the alleged attempted abduction where Talia is using a bandage for her wound
A video clip of what some say is one of the creatures has recently emerged
Twitter /@TimothyAlberino

After the attack American explorer, Timothy Alberino, travelled with ex-marine pal Doug Thornton deep into the Peruvian jungle to investigate.

Arriving in the remote village following a two-day boat trip, the pair were met with an eerie scene and a crowd of frightened locals.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about his investigation, he said: “Everyone is very on edge, the men are in a state of heightened vigilance.”

The 40-year-old said locals are “patrolling the village every night” and have burned down five acres of trees to give a clear view into the forest to see anything approaching from the undergrowth.

The villagers have reported “dozens of sightings” of huge 7ft figures dressed in black body armour with oval-shaped helmets and yellow eyes, Timothy said.

They claim the “assailants” fly silently through the air on light-up oval platforms and have huge metal disks attached to their feet that allow them to “click in” to the boards.

So far there has only been one attack reported, but another local claims he had a close encounter when he shot one of the creatures at point-blank range.

He said the “alien” was knocked down by the blast, but was unharmed and “rose and disappeared”.

Villagers said they have seen the mysterious figures many times and also witnessed UFOs soaring silently overhead.

Timothy said they have described the UFOs as “advanced aerospace vehicles size of a helicopter, an acorn shape and unconventional technology“.

The savage attack on a young girl was one of the most disturbing of its kind in recent years.

When Timothy spoke to the 15-year-old victim, Talia, he explained she was so shaken up that she didn’t talk to him the first time and he had to return the following day.

“She was suffering from extreme PTSD she would quiver, quake and hide her face,” he said.

But when the explorer gained the youngster’s trust, she revealed the details of her nightmare ordeal.

Talia told Timothy that she was picking fruit in the garden just after sunset when she heard rustling in the bushes.

She then described an assailant shooting out of the darkness – riding a glowing platform – before grabbing her from behind.

Before she could scream, the so-called alien covered her mouth and a second creature emerged and grabbed her legs.

The pair then worked together to drag her behind a chicken coop.

The situation took a turn for the worst when a syringe was put into Talia’s nose and a cream was smeared all over her face – making it go numb.

The attackers then allegedly took out a scalpel and dragged it across the terrified teen’s skin – making two deep incisions in her neck.

But Talia bravely fought back and tried to pull off one of the helmets of the creatures.

It was at this point one of them released its grip and she was able to scream for help.

During the struggle, she said one of them complained about using too much cream and told the other it would “ruin the flesh” and make her face more difficult to remove.

After hearing the girl’s screams, her brothers and neighbours rushed to her aid and caught a glimpse of the assailants fleeing the scene.

They found the teenager lying on the ground “bloodied up” and “in a chemically induced semi-conscious state.”

“I know the neighbours absolutely saw the assailants and they saw these very tall people dressed in black head to foot,” Timothy said.

“They were floating on circular hoverboard platforms manoeuvring on them in between trees.

“These guys are very dexterous on these things and then they shot up into the sky.”

Although it’s unclear what the alleged attacker’s intentions were, the explorer believes they meant to cause harm.

In a bid to help protect the villagers, Timothy and his ex-military pal taught the men in the area how to use assault rifles.

They also brought over provisions like rice and sugar as locals are too scared to go out hunting in the forest and have been left with little food.


Timothy however does not believe the sinister attacks are the result of alien invaders

And local authorities have also previously dismissed the terrified villagers’ accounts, instead saying the attackers are likely to be human.

Timothy explained: “Worst case scenario this is an international organisation of organ harvesters or sex traffickers who are in possession of top-secret hardware and they are using it to do something very sinister.

“I honestly believe that’s what were dealing with here.”

Before the recent spate of attacks, creatures that peeled of the faces of their victims were only known in urban legends and were dubbed “face peelers”.

But now villagers fear the creatures might be more than the twisted villains they heard about in a fairy tale.

Following the attack police were called to the scene to investigate, and came up with the theory that the assailants were trying to drive off the locals to claim the land.

They may have been using drones and other theatrics to scare them away from their village.

Timothy said the villagers were “insulted” by this because only two cops went to the area and conducted a “rudimentary” investigation before reaching their conclusion “without any evidence”.

The explorer’s investigation comes after reports of sightings in began to emerge in August.

Police went to the Amazon jungle to also probe reports of mysterious assailants made by the Ikitu indigenous people.

Recent video emerged of a “black ops man” who appears to be hiding in the tree tops.

Although some believe it is related to the San Antonio de Pintuyacu sightings, Timothy is sceptical as it was taken more than 500 miles away in the Pichanaqui district of Peru.

The explorer spoke to many villagers who had witnessed the strange figures
Twitter /@TimothyAlberino

Some described seeing UFO’s flying over the area, here a villager draws what he saw[/caption]

Timothy taught the locals how to use fire arms to protect themselves
Twitter /@peru_aliens

The explorer said it was a “distinct possibility” that this Russian suit was similar to the suits the villagers described[/caption]

Police and navy forces are investigating the sightings in the jungles of Peru
Earlier this year soldiers escorted the two police officers to their investigation


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