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New Date For NPC Training Census 2023

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New Date Awaited for NPC Training Census 2023

This is the latest updates on the NPC Training Census 2023! read to stay updated.

In a twist of events, the eagerly anticipated National Population Commission (NPC) training for enumerators and supervisors has hit a roadblock. Initially scheduled for April 13, 2023, the training has been put on hold, awaiting the grand announcement of a new census date by President Tinubu.

Why the Hold-up?

The NPC sources reveal that the entire census, initially slated for May 3–7, has been postponed to an undisclosed date in 2024. The training delay stems from this shift, leaving enumerators and supervisors in limbo until further instructions.

New Date For NPC Training Census 2023

Facilitators Geared Up:

Despite the uncertainty, NPC had a head start with a virtual training session for facilitators that took place online from April 24 to April 26. State facilitators completed the registration process through Google Form, gearing up for the training cascade.

Unveiling the Training Date:

As we eagerly await a new date for the NPC training, the Chairman of the Census Committee, Dr. Ipalibo Harry, assures that once President Tinubu announces the census date, the NPC will swiftly unveil the training date for enumerators and supervisors.

What About the Orientation?

The State offices are expected to kick off preparations, reviewing classrooms, assigning candidates, and communicating details from April 8 to April 11. Additionally, a one-day orientation for Local Government Training Coordinators is on the horizon, scheduled for April 11.

Stay Tuned for Updates:

As the puzzle pieces come together, the NPC is committed to keeping participants in the loop. Accreditation, material movement, and facilitator coordination are all set to align once the new census and training dates take center stage.

While we navigate these uncertain waters, keep an eye out for the latest updates on the NPC Training Census 2023. The countdown to a comprehensive and well-coordinated census experience has just begun.


New Date For NPC Training Census 2023


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