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Ohanaeze warns against illegal amendment of constitution

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The apex Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, on Tuesday warned against the illegal amendment of its constitution, stressing that those responsible will end up disgraced.

Ohanaeze cautioned that such unlawful amendments are solely aimed at scuttling the emergence of a President General from Rivers State in January 2025.

The organisation stressed that it was a move to extend the tenure of some deviant elements.

A statement by Ohanaeze factional Secretary-General, Okechukwu Isiguzoro, said the move to amend the organisation’s constitution will be resisted.

He urged the college of Igbo bishops, global Igbo leaders, non-state actors, Ndigbo, and Igbo elders to join forces in halting such moves.

Isiguzoro said: “The processes to initiate these illegal amendments to Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s constitution are in direct violation of Article 11(a) of the Constitution, which stipulates the rotational office of the President General among the seven Igbo-speaking states. Officially, six other states have already taken their turn, and it is Rivers State’s rightful tenure to assume the role by January 11, 2025.

“The proponents behind these unconstitutional amendments and the coup against Rivers State are also contradicting Articles 29 and 30 of Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s Constitution.

“Ndigbo warns the perpetrators that their efforts to amend the constitution illegally will be strongly resisted. These ill-fated actions will ultimately end up in futility and disgrace.

“The Igbo people aspire to witness the historical emergence of a President General from Rivers State since the end of the war in 1970.

“Any attempt to obstruct this will only exacerbate the ongoing Igbo identity crisis and hinder the process of reorientation and rediscovery of the Igbo people of Rivers State.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo emphasises that no conspiracy theories or constitutional amendments will be able to thwart the collective will of the Igbo people. To prevent these desperate perpetrators from achieving their aims, the Southeast Governors, College of Igbo Bishops, Global Igbo leaders, non-state actors, Ndigbo in the diaspora, and Igbo Elders must join forces to halt their actions.

“The Ohanaeze Elders Council, led by Prince Richard Ozobu, has already approved the Rivers State President General aspirants to start consultations across the seven Igbo-speaking states and commence visible campaigns well ahead of the 2025 elections.

“Ohanaeze Ndigbo remains committed to upholding the principles of fairness, justice, and adherence to its constitution.”

Ohanaeze warns against illegal amendment of constitution


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