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Philip Shaibu declares governorship ambition, challenges Obaseki’s leadership

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Shaibu justified his candidacy by stating the need for practical leadership in Edo State.

The Edo State Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, has officially announced his bid for the governorship position ahead of the 2024 elections.

The announcement comes amid ongoing tensions between Shaibu and his boss, Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Philip Shaibu, who is seeking to contest under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), revealed his intentions during a press briefing in Benin City.

The Deputy Governor recently faced eviction from the Deputy Governor’s Lodge, adding fuel to the speculations of a growing political discord.

Shaibu justified his candidacy by stating the need for practical leadership in Edo State. He took a swipe at Governor Obaseki, describing his eight-year tenure as an experimental phase for the state.

“Edo needs a practical leader,” Shaibu asserted. “You cannot experiment again with somebody that does not understand the politics of a good state and the needs of the people.”

Speaking to reporters, Shaibu outlined his vision for the state, noting the importance of competence and experience in governance.

He raised concerns about potential setbacks that could arise if the state were to elect a leader unfamiliar with the intricacies of Edo politics.

As we approach the 2024 Edo governorship election, competence and experience should be the watchwords. Who is competent? Who is more experienced? Who will hit the ground running from day one?” he questioned.

The Deputy Governor went on to express his skepticism about the prospect of experimenting with a new leader, citing potential delays in decision-making and a lack of immediate impact on governance.

Or do we need a governor that, from day one, will hit the ground running?” Shaibu concluded.


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