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Teacher, 27, arrested for ‘having sex with boy, 17 in a Pizza Hut car park’ as family accuse her of ‘ruining his life’

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 A TEACHER has been arrested after allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old boy in a Pizza Hut car park.

Reagan Anderson, 27, pressured the teenager into having sex and sent him naked photos, cops have said.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office

Reagan Anderson, 27, allegedly pressured a teenager into having sex and sent him nude photos[/caption]


Anderson was a teacher at Holly Hill Academy in South Carolina[/caption]

The South Carolina mum-of-two was arrested on Wednesday, and is facing two counts of sexual battery with a child 17 years of age, according to an arrest warrant obtained by WCSC.

“A trusted coach, teacher and friend that abused our trust and violated her oath as an educator. She has ruined our son’s life,” the victim’s mother stated, during Anderson’s Thursday court hearing.

“He should be 100% focused on being a fun-loving football-playing young man, but this predator has robbed him of that ability,” she added.

“No young quarterback or athlete is safe in our community if this woman is free.”

The private Christian school teacher allegedly began abusing the 17-year-old boy in October.

According to reports of the grim crime, the first assault allegedly took place in a private residence in Holly Hill.

The second allegedly took place in the car park of a Pizza Hut, in the nearby town of Santee.

The victim’s mother also claimed that Anderson had sent her son nude pictures of herself via Snapchat.

Rumours surrounding Anderson’s “relationship” with the boy quickly spread through Holly Hills Academy, but administrators called the cops after growing suspicions on November 8.

“Holly Hill Academy was made aware last week of allegations regarding an inappropriate relationship between a staff member and upper school student,” Brandy Mullennax, the Headteacher wrote in a letter sent to parents.

“The administration immediately contacted law enforcement and continues to work cooperatively with them as they investigate the allegations,” he added.

The statement confirmed the administration is working with the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said that his office launched a probe as soon as they were notified. 

Following police involvement, Anderson was immediately sacked from her teaching position.

According to Anderson’s LinkedIn profile, she is currently a “stay at home mom looking for some at home opportunities to help support my family and I.”

“I am very passionate about children and love working with all ages” her page reads. 


The victim’s mother stated in court that Anderson had ‘ruined’ her son’s life[/caption]


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