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Theme park infested with ALLIGATORS & left to lie abandoned after bone-chilling horrors struck is revealed in pictures

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EERIE photos of a deserted alligator-infested theme park with a tragic history show its rapid deterioration.

Six Flags Great Adventure was shut down in 2005 after it was hit by hurricane Katrina – but the land has a past far darker and more unfortunate than its demise alone.

The park is now infested with alligators
Jason Lanier

An explorer named Jason Lanier went to the park after it closed and discovered alligators swimming in the lake[/caption]


Smashed glass is all that remains of the windows after the hurricane hit[/caption]

The park was once a bustling popular attraction, but due to it’s many misfortunes it has been left to rot and reptiles now roam the land where children once played.

Disaster struck the theme park in 2003 when a horrific accident occurred that resulted in the death of a woman.

 A grandmother, Rosa Donaldson, was helping her four-year-old grandson get strapped into a ride while the rider vehicles were about three feet off of the ground.

It is not clear how but Rosa entered the attraction area after it had begun to operate.

The 52-year-old was hit by one of the cars – once in the head and again in the pelvis.

She was was rushed to Lakeland Medical Center but died from her injuries.

Haunting pictures show the lifeless rotting park frozen in time and left untouched for nearly 20 years.

The once vibrant rides have faded to neutral shades of colour and debris left over from the hurricane litter the floor.

All the windows are blown in, with the remains of sharp shards of glass around the frames.

One picture shows a bumper car consumed by so much dust that only a section of its green colour is visible.

No trespassing signs now surround the park and a thick rusting padlock has been placed on the entrance gate.

Creepy statues of clowns, mermaids can be seen broken and dirty and faded graffiti appears on most of the buildings.

An explorer named Jason Lanier who visited the site after it had closed found that the land has now been claimed by alligators.

He took video footage of the reptiles prowling the waters in pursuit of food.

Despite its current state there is still hope for Six Flags to gain a new lease of life.

Earlier this year we told how there have been numerous bids to redevelop the land, with ideas ranging from community parks to strip malls.

However, city officials have finally agreed on plans with a local developer Bayou Phoenix.

Their vision includes a sports complex, a hotel with a water park and a movie set.

The park originally had seven themed lands, which included DC Comics Super Hero Adventures and Looney Tunes Adventures.


An abandoned bumper car has collected a thick layer of dust over the years[/caption]


Debris still litter the floor as there was no one still left at the park to clean it up[/caption]


Signs warn anyone against visiting the abandoned amusement park[/caption]


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