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Unearthly optical illusion reveals if you’re set for major ‘rewards’ depending on what you see first

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THIS INCREDIBLE optical illusion might reveal if you’re set for a reward in December – depending on what you see first.

Mia Yilin, who is well known for her personality tests on TikTok, has shared another mind-boggling picture puzzle that can allegedly reveal things about your future and personality.

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This unearthly optical illusion reveals if you’re set for major rewards next month[/caption]

The image has the internet in a spin and shows a countryside landscape over-looking a small barn on a hill.

However, if you look closely there are several more intricate details in the picture, and it’s these that might reveal something surprising.

Mia Yilin claims that If you first saw the tree or the lady picking apples, then you are a very honest and reliable person who always keeps promises.

She adds that: “This is why you have lots of friends. You’re very intelligent, and people often turn to you for solutions and guidance in challenging situations.”

But alternatively, if you saw the face first, then it means: “Next month is going to be incredible for you.

“You have clear goals and are working insanely hard for them, so it’s about time you get rewarded. Everything you do, you take seriously, and are constantly learning to improve your life.”

The picture has whipped the internet into a frenzy  with one writing: “Saw the face and I claim it!”, and another saying: “I saw the face first and hope what you’re saying is true.”

Another hopeful user said: “Funny how the next month is my birthday.”

This illusion is different from most which add more pressure and usually have a time limit.

Fancy a more fast paced puzzle?

Try to spot the cat hidden in the garden in just 13 seconds.

Or find the hidden pet in this forest scene.

And don’t stop practising these puzzles as they can have surprising benefits on brain health and performance.

Here is a different puzzle to try.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás Dudolf aka The Dudolf set this fiendishly difficult test
Find four mice and five mushrooms in this busy image

Your task for this optical illusion is to find four mice and five mushrooms in this busy image.

They are hidden among the fall leaves, which makes this brain teaser doubly hard.

If that wasn’t enough, you also have to beat the clock.

You have just 10 seconds to locate the rodents and fungi.

Did you spot all the mice and the mushrooms in the allotted time?
There they are, did you find them all?


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