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“V!rgins Don’t Make Noise, I Was A V!rgin Till My 37 Years Of Age, All Those Shouting V!rgins Are Not” – Nigerian Lady Norah Okoye Gives Her Opinion On Trending V!rginity Claims By Women

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9News Nigeria

“Being a v!rgin is not optional, It’s a MUST until you marry.

In Bible times, If you get married and you aren’t one, they will stone you to d€ ath. Is it because of moral decadence that one small g! rl will come online and be shouting am a V! RGIN. Before wetin you wan be?

“V! RGiNS don’t make noise. They don’t need to prove a point to anyone, They allow the man who married them to blow their trumpet.

“V! RGINS are decent whether you believe it or not. There’s something V! RGINITY does to you, It keeps you conscious of alott of things because you don’t want to be misunderstood. Anyone you see shouting am a V! RGIN is not, They all want to attract attention and relevance.

“I was a V!RGIN till I was 37, It didn’t change nothing about who I was or how I related with men. All I needed to do was to set my boundaries and stay focused on my assignment and career. ‘Na microphone them use announce am for church, the day they took it’. My parents and everyone around me couldn’t be prouder”, She said.

9News Nigeria


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