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You are a certified genius if you can solve the fiendishly difficult dice brain teaser in just 18 seconds

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YOU just might be a certified genius if you solve this challenging dice brain teaser in just 18 seconds.

This latest puzzle will put your vision and focus to the test as you aim to find the right solution.

Can you solve this brain teaser in under 18 seconds?

It is a tricky challenge designed as a brain teaser for both adults and children.

The goal is to solve the puzzle by picking out the dice that rightly completes the set.

It is not an easy task though – the intricacies of this puzzle have left many people scratching their heads.

But if you focus hard with all your attention and think like a genius, you should be able to solve this challenging brain teaser.

However, before you start, can you spot these 10 green baubles on the Christmas tree in less than 10 seconds?

Only those with impeccable vision and a sharp mind can spot them all out – and a genius would be able to solve it in under 10 seconds.

Also, you could be crowned with a perfect 20/20 vision if you can spot the 3 rabbits hiding in a tree in this mind-boggling illusion in under 15 seconds.

Coming back to the mind-boggling dice puzzle, have you tried solving it yet?

If you are still scratching your head trying to pick the right dice, here is what you need to do.

Observe the image carefully and take a mental note of each of the dice in the arrangement.

The answer to this challenge lies in a pattern in the image – all you have to do is find it.

Upon taking a deeper look, you will see the first two rows have two red dice and one blue die each – and the third row has just one red die and one blue die.

So the solution has to be a red die as it will complete the colour pattern.

However, the challenge does not end here.

There are three red dice in the options to choose from – so which one is correct?

Again, you need to find a pattern to figure out the right solution.

If you observe carefully, you will see the first two rows has three number on the dice – five, three, and two.

However, in the last row, the die with the number three is missing.

So option D, which is a red die with the number three on it, completes the pattern – and is the solution to its brain teaser.

If you managed to solve this puzzle in less than a minute – give yourself a pat on the back.

However, if you solved it in less than 18 seconds – congratulations to you as you have just been certified as a genius!

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Similarly, you can also try and spot the missing girl among the flock of flamingos.

If you solve the puzzle in less than seven seconds, you might just have the IQ of a heroic lifeguard.

The correct answer is option D
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