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You have 20/20 vision if the animal hidden in the mind-bending optical illusion reveals itself in under 5 seconds

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YOU might have perfect 20/20 vision if you can spot the hidden animal within this mind-bending optical illusion.

Lurking within the hypnotising lines of this puzzle is a fluffy creature – but you only have five seconds to locate it.

You have only five seconds to spot the pesky hidden animal in this tricky brain teaser

Within this baffling image are columns of thin black-and-white rectangles.

This puzzle is made particularly difficult due to the contrasting colour scheme used.

If you stare at it too hard for too long, you might find your head starts to spin.

But don’t let this deter you from giving our challenge your best shot.

You have five seconds or less to figure out what animal is hiding within the mind-boggling pattern.

If you look closely, you might notice that some of the lines have little ridges that change the dimension of the shape.

Optical illusions are becoming a popular daily activity for those who are looking to test not just their brainpower, but their eyesight too.

Have you found the cunning creature yet?

If not, here’s a hint. Focus on the left-hand side and you might start to notice a chubby, circular paw.

And if you’re still struggling, don’t fret as we have included the answer below.

Meanwhile, why not try some other puzzles, you might have more luck!

Test your vision and spot the heart hiding among the elephants.

And if you can spot the cat in this living room then you have laser eyes.

Make sure you keep practicing these brainteasers as they can have a great effect on your brain’s performance.

According to ZenBuisness: “These visual puzzles can give you a good mental workout that can, in turn, help you think more efficiently and solve problems more easily.”

Here is the answer to the hidden animal puzzle, as well as another cactus-themed brainteaser.

There was a cat hiding amid the lines in this optical illusion[/caption]

In this task, you have 15 seconds to find the cat hiding among the green cacti.

The home experts at Central Tucson Companies shared the challenge with their Instagram followers.

There is another cat hiding somewhere in this picture

The one-stop shop for everything home rentals, parking, and financial services related in Tucson, Arizona hoped to stump their followers.

This furtive feline is surely hard to spot in this prickly landscape.

Arizona is famous for its spectacular cacti, but there is little time to admire the vegetation.

You have a job to complete and the clock is ticking.

But, if your patience has expired, we can put you out of your misery.

We have circled the crafty cat’s location in the picture below.

Better luck next time.

The cat was sneakily lurking in the bottom-right corner


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