Everyone can see the pretty flowers – but only the lucky top 1% can see the four leaf clover in this illusion

Everyone can see the pretty flowers – but only the lucky top 1% can see the four leaf clover in this illusion
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FOUR-LEAF clovers are a rarity in real life, but can you spot one in this optical illusion?

Only a lucky one per cent of people will be able to see it hidden among the foliage.

Everyone can see the pretty flowers – but only the lucky top 1% can see the four leaf clover in this illusionBookmakers.co.uk

Do you see the four-leaf clover?[/caption]

Almost half of Brits, 43 per cent, consider themselves to be lucky in life, according to a survey commissioned by Bookmakers.co.uk.

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that a person may believe they are fortunate if they have good health, close friends and family, and no major worries – among other indicators.

Lucky people might also find cash laying on the floor, stumble into their dream job, or get offered free things for no reason.

Peter Welch from Bookmakers said: “Many will have lucky charms which they believe continue to bring them luck in life, but it’s interesting to see that a significant number consider themselves lucky without relying on a charmed item to do the trick.

“Karma can be a hotly debated topic and to receive people’s thoughts on the philosophical concept’s relationship with fortune was fascinating.

“Do you have to practice good and ethical acts to get the rub of the green or, is it really just luck of the draw? I guess that’ll always be up for debate!”

Four-leaf clovers are said to stand for faith, hope, love, and luck.

Finding the rare plant in the optical illusion above could be a good omen for your future.

Were you able to find it?

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Here’s a hint: try digging around the right side of the image.

Still no luck? Do not worry.

Scroll down to see the four-leaf clover highlighted and circled in red.

While you’re here, why not try some more puzzles?

Play your cards right and you’ll be able to find a pair of sunglasses hidden somewhere among the casino chaos of the picture below.

Mr Gamble

Can you find the sunglasses in this image?[/caption]

You’ll see pool balls, slot machines, fruit, dice, poker chips, and cards scattered across the busy scene.

But can you see the sunglasses?

Set yourself a timer and see if they appear for you in 10 seconds.

Scanning the rows may help, or looking at each box, but you’ll have to be quick.

Are you having any luck?

If not, try and look around the centre of the image.

You’ll find the solution at the bottom of the page, with the sunglasses circled in red.

This brainteaser might motivate you to clear out your wardrobe this weekend, and unearth some of the outfits you once loved to wear.

Try and find all four of the missing dresses

The aim of the puzzle is to find all four of the dresses that have gone missing in the shop.

You should find the first quickly – it’s hanging from the wardrobe.

But can you find the other three?

On average, it takes puzzlers one minute and 30 seconds to crack the mystery. How long will it take you?

Set yourself a timer now and begin your search.

If you’re stuck, go to the solution at the bottom of the page.

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All three dresses have been circled in red.

For your final optical illusion, take a look at this picture of a horse running along a picturesque beach.

Can you see six additional horses in this picture

You might be surprised to learn there six more horses in this picture than the stunning one in the centre.

If you can spot all six within nine seconds, you might have 20/20 vision and the IQ of a genius.

Most people need well over a minute to find them all.

Set your timer now and give it a try. Good luck!

The vibrant colours make this optical illusion a tricky one.

It’s easy to be distracted by the crashing waves, the greenery, and the sunlight streaming from the sky onto the sand.

Have you found the hidden horses yet?

Nine seconds is a short window!

Fear not if you haven’t found them, for we have included the solution below, with all six additional horses circled in red.


The lucky four-leaf clover has been highlighted and circled[/caption]

Mr Gamble

Did you spot the sunglasses in 10 seconds?[/caption]

Eagle eyed puzzlers will have found all four dresses
You may have 2020 vision if you were able to spot all seven horses


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