He hates Valentine’s Day, she loves it — this is how they manage

<div>He hates Valentine’s Day, she loves it — this is how they manage</div>
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They met in church and have been together ever since.

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, Pulse Nigeria is speaking to lovers across the country asking them all the burning questions about finding and keeping a lover. This is the story of Linda and Zibo.

Linda had been working in the church as the secretary to the general overseer. Ask anybody who knows, this is a highly coveted role for those looking for love. They are in the pastor’s ear, so their plight is always the church’s plight. From their perch screening the general overseer’s schedule, they know and have access to all the most eligible bachelors.

Then they met.

Zibokekime (or just Zibo) was the young Sunday School Superintendent, a kind of leader of the Sunday School teachers in the church. So their love story was a match made in heaven. He works for the government and she runs a business. They got married and have been together for six years.

What was your first impression of each other?

Zibo: She is very beautiful.

Linda: He was the Sunday School Superintendent and so that stood out for me. It was giving dedicated man.

What is your favourite thing to do together?

Zibo: I love it when we go out for dinner.

Linda: We don’t do that a lot. But now that he has said it, we will revive it starting from this year’s Valentine’s Day.

How do you resolve issues?

Linda: We talk about it. It really works wonders. We try to be practical about what we talk about. Sometimes we read a book together to see how we can develop in those areas.

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Zibo: Yeah, we talk about it.

<div>He hates Valentine’s Day, she loves it — this is how they manage</div>
Linda and Zibo crossed paths in church (image is AI-generated) [DALL-E]

What do you love the most about her

Husband: Her dedication.

Linda: He is very patient and tolerant. And always follows through. He is very intelligent and disciplined.

What do you least like about her?

Zibo: Hmm, poor financial management skills.

Linda: Many things. He does not celebrate Valentine. He’s not really in touch with his emotional side.

How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Linda: Gift exchange. We could go out. We will definitely have a nice time.

Zibo: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. But we’ll figure something out.


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