Latest Recruitment at Fidelity Bank

Latest Recruitment at Fidelity Bank
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Latest Recruitment at Fidelity Bank

Latest Recruitment at Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank Plc, known over the years for its integrity and professionalism, is also esteemed for the quality and stability of its management.

The bank’s staff garner respect within the Nigerian banking industry for the high-caliber training they receive both on the job and in reputable business schools, both in Nigeria and overseas. The management maintains a keen focus on the caliber of individuals joining the system. Interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply for the latest recruitment opportunity at Fidelity Bank.


Job Title: Relationship Managers – Corporate Bank

Job Specifications:

Position Type: Full-Time
Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BSc/HND)
Location: Lagos, Nigeria.


Job Title: Relationship Manager – Corporate Bank

Job Description:
The Relationship Manager is responsible for identifying and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with major contractors in the industry and any other company partnered with Fidelity Bank.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Drive aggressive growth of the deposit portfolio in alignment with set targets.
2. Develop structured financial solutions for routine opportunities.
3. Market and manage Infrastructure and Value-Added services of partner companies.
4. Ensure timely implementation of customers’ instructions such as cheque encashment, funds transfers, and account confirmations.
5. Foster profitable partnerships with customers and maintain high-quality Risk Assets.
6. Develop valuable business through the customer’s value chain.
7. Review credit proposals and present them to management for approval.
8. Conduct account reviews and monitoring, renew expired facilities, and follow up on facility repayment and recovery of delinquent accounts.
9. Maintain regular communication with customers through daily calls, either physically or by phone.

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Key Competencies / Knowledge:
1. Proficiency in Marketing and Business Development skills.
2. Basic understanding of accounting and finance.
3. Excellent oral and written communication abilities.
4. Strong knowledge of Bank Products and industry dynamics.
5. Sound financial analysis skills and familiarity with Bank processes/procedures.
6. Analytical mindset and strong interpersonal skills.

Qualifications and Requirements:
– Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of Second-Class Lower Division or Upper Credit for HND holders from an accredited Institution. Third-Class / Lower Credit holders must possess a Master’s degree.

– Minimum of 3 years of work experience in Banking, in a full-time role.




Job Title: Team Member, Loan Recovery

Job Specifications:

Position Type: Full-Time
Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BSc/HND)
Location: Edo, Delta | Nigeria


Job Title: Team Member, Loan Recovery

Job Description:
As a Team Member in Loan Recovery, your primary responsibility will be the recovery of non-performing accounts.

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Collaborate with the Legal Department on the recovery process.
2. Coordinate with External agents, including Estate Agents & Valuers, External Solicitors, Debt Recovery agents, Private Investigators, SFU, EFCC.
3. Lead negotiation teams for major Recovery accounts.
4. Work closely with Branch Leaders and Bank Heads to develop and implement recovery strategies for non-performing accounts.
5. Make recommendations regarding interest waivers, concessions, write-offs, and the classification of non-performing accounts.
6. Supervise the work performance of teams involved in the recovery process.
7. Attend court sessions related to accounts in litigation.
8. Provide various reports on recoveries made on non-performing accounts on a monthly basis.
9. Market and sell collateral of non-performing accounts.
10. Perform any other duties assigned by either Supervisor or Divisional Head.

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Key Competencies/ Knowledge:
1. Attention to detail.
2. Proficiency in the Bank’s Banking Software.
3. Strong ability to interpret and reconcile accounts.
4. Good understanding of Bank Credit Policy and general economic trends.
5. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel.
6. Excellent negotiation and bargaining skills.
7. Strong analytical and organizational skills.
8. Effective record-keeping, file-keeping, and documentation skills.
9. Excellent interpersonal skills.


Qualifications and Requirements:

– Minimum educational level: Bachelor’s Degree in social science or humanities, or HND with a Master’s Degree.

– Experience:
– Minimum of 2 years in the role.
– Minimum of 5 years in Banking.





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