My parents had me at a young age so my grandmother raised me – Timi Dakolo

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“I don’t think my mother was up to 20 years old when she had me and my dad was probably in his early 20’s,” Dakolo disclosed.

Nigerian singer, Timi Dakolo has narrated how life was for him as a child, being raised by his grandmother and not his parents.

Dakolo sat with media personality Taymesan Emmanuel on the latest episode of the Tea with Tay Podcast, he shared a personal journey of his childhood, revealing the unique circumstances behind his upbringing.

Humorously Dakolo said, “My parents, I don’t know why they were doing knacking at a very young age. They were very young so they didn’t know what they were doing.”

He continued: “When they had me they were like ‘Let’s go and see your grandma’ Then they dropped me with her and ran away because they were too young and didn’t know what to do with me. I don’t think my mother was up to 20 years old when she had me and my dad was probably in his early 20’s. They were childhood sweethearts, then they left each other and he went back to Ghana.”

Dakolo emphasised that he did not lack love and care because his grandmother became his primary caregiver and provided everything he needed without spoiling him rotten.

“I grew up with my grandmother and it didn’t affect me in any way. I did not lack love and my grandmother was my parent so I didn’t miss anyone. She was doing everything that concerned me,” he stated.

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Going on, the singer described the dynamic of his relationship with his grandma, noting that love was abundant in the home even though his parents weren’t there.

Dakolo said: “I don’t think I’d have turned out better if I had a balance of both. Truth is what breaks a child is lovelessness. The love, discipline and attentiveness she gave, she always knew when something was wrong without me saying a word and she always provided. There was plenty but not excessive so I wasn’t spoilt.”

Laughing, he asserted that his mother always disciplined him whenever she came around, adding that she was quick on her feet too.

In his words: “When my mum came around she was always beating me over every small thing. My mother was still young at the time so no matter how I tried to run she caught me cause she was fast.”


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