Ruggedman Criticizes Use of Afrobeats Label by Untalented Musicians

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Renowned rapper Michael Ugochukwu Steven, popularly known as Ruggedman, has expressed his concerns regarding the use of the Afrobeats label by what he describes as “talentless people” in the music industry.

In a candid interview with journalist, Ruggedman shared his perspective on the current state of the music scene, particularly within the Afrobeats genre. He suggested that the term “Afrobeats” has become a shield for artists lacking genuine talent.

According to Ruggedman, the term “Afrobeats” should not be synonymous with talent deficiency, but rather with artists who exemplify the true essence of the genre.

He emphasized that while some artists may use the Afrobeats label to gain recognition, their lack of talent ultimately undermines the authenticity of the genre.

Furthermore, Ruggedman expressed his disappointment with critics who claim that his time as an artist has passed. Despite facing detractors on social media, he remains steadfast in his conviction that his influence transcends generations.

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