Special Tribute To Herbert Wigwe (1966-2024)

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Nigeria lost one of its best bankers and entrepreneurs Herbert Wigwe last Friday.

 Wigwe’s demise via a fatal air accident in the United States is being felt, not only in Nigeria but around the world. In this report, ARISE Business anchor Boason Omofaye captured some of the biggest footprints of the late Access Bank co-founder.

Wigwe’s Purpose Was To Make Major Contributions To Nigeria Beyond Banking, Says Atedo Peterside 

What Herbert Wigwe Did In Banking Industry Cannot Be Easily Replicated, Says Fidelity Chairman Chike-Obi

‘Legacy of Growth and Excellence’: Access Holdings Plc Announces Passing Of Group CEO Herbert Wigwe

Macron, Tinubu, Okonjo-Iweala, Other Leaders Mourn As Herbert Wigwe, Wife, Son, Bimbo Ogunbanjo Die In US Chopper Crash

Wigwe: Nigeria Has Lost One Of Its Most Innovative Entrepreneurs, Says Kaduna Governor Uba Sani

Tinubu Mourns Herbert Wigwe, Family Members And Abimbola Ogunbanjo

Nigerian Governors’ Chairman AbdulRazaq Mourns Wigwe, Ogunbanjo Following Death in US Helicopter Crash 

Anambra Governor Soludo Mourns Wigwe, Says He was One of Nigeria’s Brightest Bankers

‘Iconic, Accomplished, Illustrious Son’: Rivers Governor Fubara Mourns Wigwe, Consoles Bereaved Family

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