Terror Financing: CISA Warns Against Plot To Malign Northern Senators

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The Citizens Initiative for Security Awareness (CISA) has raised the alarm over alleged plot by some persons to link a federal lawmaker with terrorism financing.

At a press conference in Abuja on Friday, CISA Assistant Coordinator (North), Kabeer Salami, alleged that a certain cleric and a retired security officer were on a mission to disunite Nigerians.

The organisation said the duo were desperately working towards pitching citizens against Northern Senators in the 10th National Assembly by insisting that one of them was financing the activities of bandits and terrorists.

Salami advised the Presidency, the Senate, security heads and Nigerians, to ignore groups that promote fake news, hate speech and sentiments in order to possibly influence mob attacks and extremism.

“We urge the Nigerian leadership not to allow any organisation engaging in frivolities to distract them from attending to essential legislative and national matters,” he stated.

CISA further stated that it was horrified about the actions of some individuals who disseminate news stories which are apparently divisive without painstakingly verifying the credibility.

“It is the most unfortunate that some unpatriotic Nigerians, buoyed by their diabolic intents, are not leaving any stone unturned in their quests to polarize the country and incite Nigerians against fellow citizens.

“It would be recalled that in the build to the general elections, the same SNM led other groups in anti-Tinubu hateful campaign. Public records show how they insisted Tinubu posed a great security threat to Nigeria’s democracy and the cohesion of the APC,” he added.

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CISA, therefore, charged security services to arrest and prosecute any group attempting to defame other Nigerians through reckless comments and actions that could lead to ethno-religious conflict.

“Citizens must shun ethnic champions and pseudo-religious leaders bent on polarizing us. We cannot allow them to pitch us against one another, just as they are trying to do now – setting the elite, including Northern Senators, against the general public,” Salami added.


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