Ayoola Ayolola on Fatherhood & Moving From Music to Acting on #WithChude Podcast

<div>Ayoola Ayolola on Fatherhood & Moving From Music to Acting on #WithChude Podcast</div>
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Ayoola Ayolola  is a highly regarded actor of his generation, with a string of successful projects including “Skinny Girl in Transit,” “The Men’s Club,” “WAR,” and “If I Am President.” But behind the talent lies a remarkable story: an escape from Kano with his family, countless reality show auditions, and moments of hunger that led him to embrace acting when music wasn’t working.

On this episode of “With Chude,” Ayolola gets candid with host Chude Jideonwo about fatherhood, his Project Fame journey, and his remarkable shift from music to acting.

See excerpts below:

“I felt to myself, what if I just end it right now? You know, nobody is going to miss me. I was actually in the middle of the road, and when you’re calculating when to cross, I deliberately miscalculated so that I would be hit. Maybe this is a good idea, but then I think the fear of ‘if you do it, you go to hell, is it true?’ I don’t want to go to hell. Maybe it’s a bad idea, and then something happened that maybe picked up the pace or slowed down a little more, and the car just brushed me. I still fell off the road, and some people came to help me up, not knowing I tried to, you know. And I think in my case, the resolve to never try it again was the fear of it happening, so after that, my orientation about suicide and depression changed because I used to say, ‘Why would you want to do that? Are you crazy?’

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After that time, I started to understand how that thing is more medical and more spiritual than we think. It takes over you, you don’t know. It’s not the decision you’re rightfully making at that time.
Anyway, all of that happened, and I look back now. I look at the very handsome young man, and I’m like, really? This is what I was about to miss. This is whose life I was about to destroy by my actions. By the action I was about to take, that I was going to take blindly, this little boy would have been made fatherless.”

Head over to watch.withchude.com to watch the full interview

You can also listen to the full podcast on listen.withchude.com


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