Creepy asylum dubbed ‘painful city’ where charred dummies & baby highchairs are left to rot since its forced closure

<div>Creepy asylum dubbed ‘painful city’ where charred dummies & baby highchairs are left to rot since its forced closure</div>
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ROTTING beds, charred dummies and broken operating tables – the chilling ruins of an asylum dubbed the “Painful City” has been left to rot for over two decades.

In a rural town in northern Italy lies Manicomio Di Voghera, an abandoned mental hospital that was shut down in 1998 after over a century of horrors.


The Italian metal asylum was shut down in 1998 and nature has tried its best to reclaim it[/caption]

Broken hospital chairs, gurneys and children’s bikes line hallways

Dirty sheets are still attached to beds fastened to the ground[/caption]

Built in 1876, the sprawling complex housed patients that were rarely ever released back into society.

Today, it is an overgrown house of horrors – and stands as a haunting reminder of its dark history.

Broken gurneys and wheelchairs line the hallways that are covered in crumbling plaster. Dirty sheets lie on beds still fastened to the ground.

Each patient room – with their heavy metal doors eerily all left open – look like jail cells.

Its occupants appear to have left in a rush as most of the hospital’s furniture and equipment remains.

Other rooms are filled with X-rays, broken baby chairs, congealed blood-filled drips and piles of stained papers.


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The asylum was once run by an infamous psychiatrist, Cesare Lombroso, who rejected all traditional treatments towards the mentally ill.

Instead, the patients were allegedly used as his lab rats – suffering all kinds of terrors and abuses at his hands, with some dying as a result of his experiments, Behind Closed Doors reports.

Upon arrival to Manicomio Di Voghera, patients were said to be stripped of all their possessions and cruelly left in isolation for 28 days.

Up until at least the 1950s, the site’s only methods of so-called ‘care’ were electroshocks and lobotomies.

Few of the patients that ever passed through its gates got better. Stories of recoveries were extremely rare.

Nature is slowly reclaiming the spooky site as weeds creep in through its broken windows, open doors and smashed up floors.

It comes as The Sun told of a gulag town in the icy tundras of Russia that sits completely frozen in time.

Vorkuta is a cemetery of soulless tower blocks, where homes sell for as little as 1p to the few people that chose to embrace the “miserable” life at -50 degrees celsius.

Elsewhere, a creepy Soviet military hospital has been left untouched and abandoned for over 30 years since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Sitting in Budapest, the hospital was once used by Soviet troops to defend against the Nazis in World War 2 but has now been left to crumble and rot.

And in Venezuela, a haunting theme park once considered one of the country’s best and biggest attractions has been left to rot.

Abandoned, looted and torn apart – Diversions Grano de Oro become known as a ghostly “cemetery of attractions“.

Back in the UK, an abandoned army area can only be entered with special permission from the military.

Stanford is a deserted village in Norfolk where the iconic sitcom Dad’s Army was filmed.


The huge sprawling asylum complex has fallen into complete disarray[/caption]

Strange, spooky pieces of furniture are littered everywhere

The floors are coated in dust after two decades left to rot[/caption]


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