Davido and Lila Ike unite on collaboration on Billboard and Honda stage

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Afrobeats sensation Davido and soulful Roots crooner Lila Ike have joined forces to create an electrifying original track titled Flex My Soul.

This unique partnership, exclusively for Billboard and Honda Stage, promises to captivate audiences with its magnetic energy and uplifting vibe. The song seamlessly blends Davido’s signature style, the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats, and Lila Ike‘s soul-stirring melodies, creating a musical masterpiece that is set to move listeners.

Directed by Loris Russier, the live performance of Flex My Soul by Davido and Lila Ike is a visual spectacle set against serene skies and lush landscapes. Accompanied by dancers who add an extra layer of visual allure, the duo delivers a captivating performance that showcases their exceptional talent and chemistry on stage.

Beyond the music, Davido and Lila Ike‘s collaboration goes deeper. In conversations on Honda Stage, Davido shares insights into his musical journey to stardom, emphasizing the role of collaboration in his past successes. Both artists highlight the importance of co-signing and uplifting emerging voices, underscoring their shared dedication to supporting new talent in the music industry.

Davido and Lila Ike not only create a splash in the music scene but also send a powerful message about the significance of collaboration and the spotlight that emerging artists deserve. This collaboration between two musical powerhouses from Nigeria and Jamaica.

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