Why I Launched A News Commentary Show – Bolanle Olukanni Tells Netng

Why I Launched A News Commentary Show – Bolanle Olukanni Tells Netng
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Over the years, media personality and TV host Bolanle Olukanni has been vocal about social issues while sharing her refined opinions with millions of followers across social media. She has taken it a step further with the launch of her news commentary programme, ‘The Scoop With Bolanle.’

The Scoop with Bolanle Olukanni
Bolanle Olukanni

The documentary filmmaker, known for her insightful commentary and engaging interviews, is giving her audience an in-depth analysis of pressing social issues while providing a space for meaningful dialogue. She’s focused on keeping young Nigerians informed about the most crucial stories shaping the nation.

“I love Nigeria deeply and believe in all the potential we have. I think without knowledge, we can’t fix what’s wrong. ‘The Scoop with Bolanle’ is focused on ensuring that the most pertinent and important news stories are highlighted and commented on,” she told Netng.

Alongside offering a unique perspective on social issues, sometimes overlooked by traditional media, Bolanle Olukanni, with her platform, aims to spark conversations that inspire positive change. For the TV host, it is an opportunity to step up and expose the digital audience to news they need to be abreast of.

She added; “I recently watched local news and realised that if one isn’t intentional about seeking out news, the digital audience may miss out on staying abreast of current events. ‘The Scoop with Bolanle’ targets those who are predominantly online and might not be aware of social and political issues in Nigeria. They are my audience.”

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According to the Global Web Index survey, on average, global internet users spend 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media per day. However, Nigeria ‘spent the most time connected to social networks, devoting more than four hours a day to the digital social sphere.’ This is why Bolanle Olukanni has employed the news commentary format to connect and engage with the younger audience. For her, “It offers a more engaging and accessible way to learn about what’s happening in Nigeria and encourages us who may miss information to think critically about these issues.”

With social media becoming increasingly influential in disseminating information, it has become pertinent to change with the times and employ social media as a tool for engaging the younger audience while discussing topics that directly and indirectly affect their quality of life.

Bolanle further disclosed to Netng that she hopes ‘The Scoop with Bolanle’ reminds Nigerians that Nigeria is our country and everyone has a hand in making it a better place. She added; “We can also demand for change when we know what’s happening in the country.”

The Scoop with Bolanle is available across digital platforms and will be uploaded daily at 7 pm.

Watch the trailer here:

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