15 Lucrative Business You Can Start With Just N30,000 In Nigeria

15 Lucrative Business You Can Start With Just N30,000 In Nigeria
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In Nigeria, financial constraints are a common challenge, but this shouldn’t deter you from exploring entrepreneurship.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various business ideas that require minimal investment yet offer substantial potential for success.

Whether you’re a student or someone looking to supplement their income, these lucrative opportunities are tailored to the Nigerian market.


Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey with just 30,000 Naira is indeed feasible. Despite the limitations, there are numerous avenues you can explore to establish a profitable venture, even within the confines of a campus environment.

Let’s dive into these exciting business prospects and uncover the potential they hold for aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs.

1) Liquid Cleaning Soap Business

  • Startup Cost: 30k – 50k Naira
  • Overview: Capitalize on the high demand for liquid cleaning soap within university campuses.
  • Steps to Start: Source raw materials, create a brand logo, print labels, procure containers, and promote your product through campus networks and social media platforms.

1) Mobile Food Business

  • Startup Cost: 30k Naira
  • Overview: Utilize your culinary skills to offer affordable and convenient food options to fellow students.
  • Steps to Start: Purchase ingredients, prepare food items like rice dishes, price competitively, arrange for delivery, and leverage social media for marketing.

3) Oil Perfume Business

  • Startup Cost: 30k Naira
  • Overview: Tap into the lucrative market for oil-based perfumes by partnering with manufacturers and employing effective advertising strategies.
  • Steps to Start: Source quality perfume supplies, promote your products through various channels, and gradually learn the art of perfume production.
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4) Tigernut Drink Business

  • Startup Cost: Less than 30k Naira
  • Overview: Cater to the growing demand for healthy beverage options by selling tigernut drinks in strategic locations such as schools and hospitals.
  • Steps to Start: Acquire ingredients, identify suitable sales outlets, and focus on maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction.

5) Cryptocurrency Trading

  • Startup Cost: 30k Naira
  • Overview: Leverage your trading skills to capitalize on the dynamic cryptocurrency market.
  • Steps to Start: Attend cryptocurrency tutoring sessions, conduct thorough research, and cautiously invest in cryptocurrencies using reliable trading signals.

6) Snack Business

  • Startup Cost: 30k Naira
  • Overview: Tap into the perennial demand for snacks among students by offering a diverse range of homemade treats.
  • Steps to Start: Procure ingredients, master snack preparation techniques, set competitive prices, and utilize social media platforms for promotion.

7) Mobile Beauty Salon

  • Startup Cost: Less than 30k Naira
  • Overview: Provide beauty services on the go, catering to the needs of busy students and professionals.
  • Steps to Start: Invest in basic beauty equipment, acquire essential skills, and offer personalized services either from your residence or through home visits.

8) House Painting

  • Startup Cost: Less than 30k Naira
  • Overview: Monetize your painting skills by offering professional painting services to individuals and businesses.
  • Steps to Start: Gather painting tools, hone your craft through practice, and market your services to potential clients via online platforms and word-of-mouth referrals.

9) Grow and Monetize Facebook Page

  • Startup Cost: Minimal
  • Overview: Harness the power of social media by creating engaging content on a dedicated Facebook page and monetizing it through ads and sponsored posts.
  • Steps to Start: Focus on a specific niche, produce high-quality content, build a loyal following, and monetize your page once you meet the eligibility criteria.
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10) Grow and Monetize TikTok Account

  • Startup Cost: Minimal
  • Overview: Capitalize on the popularity of short-form video content by creating captivating videos on TikTok and monetizing your account through brand partnerships and sponsored content.
  • Steps to Start: Consistently create original and entertaining videos, leverage trending topics and hashtags, and engage with your audience to boost your follower count.

11) Barbeque Business

  • Startup Cost: Less than 30k Naira
  • Overview: Set up a barbecue stand and offer delicious grilled delicacies to hungry customers, capitalizing on the popularity of outdoor food vendors.
  • Steps to Start: Invest in barbecue equipment, source high-quality ingredients, select a strategic location, and promote your business through social media and local advertising channels.

12) Fruit Business

  • Startup Cost: Less than 30k Naira
  • Overview: Seize the opportunity to sell fresh fruits in high-traffic areas such as schools and hospitals, catering to health-conscious consumers.
  • Steps to Start: Secure a suitable vending spot, procure a variety of fruits, maintain hygiene standards, and attract customers through attractive displays and competitive pricing.

13) Vegetable Business

  • Startup Cost: Less than 30k Naira
  • Overview: Cultivate and sell vegetables to local markets and eateries, capitalizing on the steady demand for fresh produce.
  • Steps to Start: Acquire a small plot of land or utilize available space, select fast-growing vegetable varieties, implement effective farming practices, and establish distribution channels to reach potential buyers.

14) Point of Sales (POS) Business

  • Startup Cost: 20k Naira (for POS machine)
  • Overview: Provide convenient electronic payment services to customers by operating a point-of-sale terminal, facilitating transactions for merchants and consumers.
  • Steps to Start: Procure a POS machine from a reputable provider, establish partnerships with local businesses, and earn commissions on each transaction processed.
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15) Learn Copywriting and Storytelling

  • Startup Cost: Minimal
  • Overview: Develop valuable skills in copywriting and storytelling, offering your expertise to brands seeking to enhance their marketing strategies.
  • Steps to Start: Enroll in online courses or workshops, practice writing persuasive copy and engaging narratives, and market your services to potential clients through networking and online platforms.


In conclusion, launching a successful business venture with just 30,000 Naira is entirely feasible for Nigerian entrepreneurs. Whether you choose to delve into the lucrative realm of liquid cleaning soap production, explore the dynamic cryptocurrency market, or provide convenient mobile food services, the key to success lies in determination, innovation, and effective marketing strategies.

Embrace the entrepreneurial spirit, leverage your skills and resources, and seize the myriad opportunities that abound within the Nigerian business landscape. With dedication and perseverance, you can transform your modest investment into a thriving enterprise, realizing your dreams of financial independence and entrepreneurial success.

Wishing you all the best in your entrepreneurial endeavors!


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