British TV chef Charles Withers ‘ghosts’ wife and kids for a year after changing name & vanishing ‘without a trace’

<div>British TV chef Charles Withers ‘ghosts’ wife and kids for a year after changing name & vanishing ‘without a trace’</div>
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A BRITISH chef has been accused of “ghosting” his wife and two children after changing his name and vanishing “without a trace”.

Ashley McGuire was left heartbroken after she claims TV star lover Charles Withers abandoned their family a year ago – only for him to be found in 24-hours by part-time social media detectives.

Ashley McGuire has claimed her TV star lover Charles Withers ghosted her and their two children last year

McGuire’s Facebook plea to try and track down her husband[/caption]

The terrifying tale of deception has caused thousands of the internet’s top sleuths to hunt down Withers with many even claiming to have matched with him on dating apps such as Bumble.

Hundreds are now saying he is living his ideal single life in Texas – a whole 30-hour drive away from his family.

With the London-born cook now allegedly going by Charlie, according to social media posts.

He is yet to respond to any of the claims against him.

McGuire, from Massachusetts, turned to Facebook to try and find her runaway hubby, last Saturday.

She posted online: “This is my husband, Charles Withers. He loves to be the center of attention but I’m not sure how much he’s going to like this.

“Last year, when I was pregnant with our youngest baby, he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and he ghosted, like gone without a trace.”

“He has one baby he hasn’t seen in over a year, and one he’s never met.

“He’s moved somewhere out of state and changed his phone number.”

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McGuire first made her bombshell claims public on the popular Facebook group “Are We Dating the Same Guy”.

She described her distant lost lover as “charming” but added he has “probably never mentioned having a wife or kids back in Massachusetts”.

The Brit starred in a 2022 episode of the reality TV show “Chopped” on The Food Network making him a recognisable face.

He is thought to have abruptly shut the doors to his restaurant before fleeing Massachusetts over 12 months ago.

McGuire says she publicly spilled the beans of his complete runner after several failed attempts at contacting him privately.

If you know him, if you’re working with him, if you’re dating him or friends with him, can you please have him get in touch with me or let me know where I can find him

Ashley McGuire

The mum-of-two has become used to being a single parent in the year since he allegedly left and is now looking to get a divorce.

However, she says getting a divorce with a man who tries to no longer exist is a tricky task.

She wrote: “Divorcing someone who’s completely unreachable is really tough and drawn out, so I’m trying to track him down to get his signatures on a few papers.

“If you know him, if you’re working with him, if you’re dating him or friends with him, can you please have him get in touch with me or let me know where I can find him.”

This plea led to a number of X sleuths piecing together the entire saga and realising the chef had completely changed his whole life.

I matched with him on Bumble just a few weeks ago

Texas local

It took just 24-hours for McGuire’s post to be flooded with comments of people claiming they had seen Withers in Texas.

With many even saying they had matched with him on dating apps, according to viral social media clips.

One admitted: “I matched with him on Bumble just a few weeks ago.”

It was through his dating profile that people realised Charles was now Charlie.

As several others revealed he had given out his address to them so they could meet up after seemingly hitting it off online.

A grateful McGuire said she had “a few girls reach out” to her who gave out his Texas address.

She posted a follow-up comment on Facebook saying: “I have literally hundreds of messages to sort through, some with information and some with support, and I appreciate all of them.

“I’ve gotten more than enough information to locate him.

“Single moms are a special breed, and I know a lot of you have gone through the same situation I have.”

The wild story quickly gained the attention of millions online with one TikTok detailing the story getting over five million views.

Several other posts have also gained hundreds of thousands of comments from frustrated women feeling McGuire’s pain.

Despite many of these angered women wanting to see the chef get his comeuppance for his walk-out act, the classy mum asked for people to calm down with the hate for her ex.

She added: “I sincerely appreciate all of your support, but please do not make threats, spread hate, or try to go out and locate him.

“Truly I only want to see this situation resolved so me and my children can restart our lives and fix the damage done.”


One TikTok got over five million views talking about the runaway hubby[/caption]


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