Bubu Ogisi Gets Real About Fashion and Business In This New Culture Custodian Series| WATCH

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Lagos-based fashion designer and founder of IAMISIGO, Bubu Ogisi sits with Business and Booze host Koye ‘K10’ Kekere-Ekun to provide insight on running her Lagos-based fashion label dedicated to preserving ancestral textile techniques and provides insights into her entrepreneurial journey as she shares her challenges and triumphs in the fashion industry.
Known for her commitment to preserving ancestral textile techniques, Bubu Ogisi shares her journey as a fashion designer deeply rooted in spirituality. She discusses the challenges of navigating the industry while staying true to her beliefs and how she copes with going against the norm.

According to the fashion designer, she says:

I studied Computer Science during my undergraduate studies and proceeded to do a master’s in Fashion Business in Paris. I wanted to figure out the actual business aspect of fashion because it is the difficult part that many creatives don’t understand and it is the only way to be sustainable. Communication, strategy and marketing are the important aspects of doing business as a creative. If you don’t understand that, you get a lot of people failing and moving on to other things without being consistent.

From her innovative approach to design to her unwavering dedication to cultural heritage, Bubu provides unique insights into the fashion landscape, offering inspiration for entrepreneurs carving their paths.

You cannot just stumble on the business part of your creative business. I grew up across Lagos, London and Accra and moved to Paris where they didn’t speak English and I had to understand how to not stay back there and contribute to their society. I wanted to come back to contribute to my society and continent. It was more important for me to come back here and impact what I had learnt.

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