Drama As Actress, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi Clashes With Area Boys On Movie Set (Video)

Drama As Actress, Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi Clashes With Area Boys On Movie Set (Video)
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A dramatic scene unfolded on the set of a Nollywood movie in Lagos as actress Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi engaged in a heated exchange with area boys who attempted to disrupt filming.

The renowned movie star, currently shooting a film in Lagos, was captured in a video circulating online confronting thugs who intruded on the set. In the footage, Toyin can be heard expressing frustration at the interference with her work, questioning whether she could no longer film in Lagos without disturbance. Determined to protect her movie set from vandalism, she sternly warned the intruders of consequences.

To diffuse the escalating tension, Toyin offered the area boys a sum of N10,000 as compensation. However, the thugs countered, pleading for a higher amount.

The incident highlights the challenges faced by filmmakers in Nigeria, particularly the intrusion of area boys and other unauthorized individuals on movie sets. Despite efforts to maintain order and professionalism during filming, such disruptions can hinder the production process and escalate into confrontations, as witnessed in this instance.

Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi’s encounter underscores the need for greater security measures and support for filmmakers to ensure a conducive environment for movie production in Lagos and across Nigeria.

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