Father of 3 boys Deyemi Okanlawon says he wants to have a daughter

Father of 3 boys Deyemi Okanlawon says he wants to have a daughter
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He also stated that raising a daughter can be a huge responsibility.

Nollywood actor Deyemi Okanlawon has revealed that when his wife was pregnant with their third child, he initially wished that it was a girl.

In a recent sit down with Teju Babyface on the latest episode of the King of Talks podcast, Deyemi opened up about what being a father to three boys is like.

“I told my wife that I only have men inside me and I have the energy for them. Especially now that my wife is out of town with the baby and I’m left with the boys, we’ve been giving each other gbas gbos,” he said in-between laughter.

“As much as I would love to have a little princess in my arms, raising a princess is a huge responsibility. You know how we guys are, you could throw us on the road and when we wake up one day, we would have grown up,” he added.

Deyemi and his wife Damilola Okanlawon
Deyemi and his wife Damilola Okanlawon

“When we found out that we were having a baby, I wished it was a girl but I realised that ‘man, she’s just going to steal my heart and my time and I won’t be able to take my eyes away from her.’ When we found out it was a boy we were like ‘Okay, God knows what he wants but never say never,” he said.

Teju Babyface also asked the actor about the cost implications of having three children.

“Listen, there’s the kind of money that you’d have that the number of children you want to have won’t be a problem. If you have assets worth $10 million and you’re generating 5-10 per annum, how much do you want to spend on kids? Why are we limiting ourselves? It’s fun raising beautiful human beings and guiding, teaching them and just loving them and being loved in return,” he explained.

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