‘Ghosted’ wife of Brit TV chef Charlie Withers reveals he’s FINALLY contacted her after viral hunt finds runaway husband

‘Ghosted’ wife of Brit TV chef Charlie Withers reveals he’s FINALLY contacted her after viral hunt finds runaway husband
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THE “ghosted” wife of Brit chef Charlie Withers has given her first bombshell interview after social media went on a viral hunt for her husband.

Ashley McGuire claimed her TV star hubby had abandoned their family a year ago after he allegedly changed his name and vanished “without a trace”.


Ashley McGuire has revealed the latest update after social media went on a viral hunt for her husband[/caption]


The single mother also explained why she decided to remove her plea on Facebook[/caption]


McGuire had claimed her TV star lover Charles Withers ghosted her and their two children last year[/caption]


McGuire’s Facebook plea to try and track down her husband[/caption]

But she has now revealed he has finally contacted her after the online manic chase.

The chef, who has yet to comment on the allegations against him, reportedly never met any of his children.

McGuire – who had two babies with Charles – allegedly had to drive herself alone to the hospital and give birth on her own.

But a 2022 picture of the couple shows Charlie and McGuire with one of their newborns.

The single mother has been wanting to serve her partner divorce papers, but wasn’t being able to do so as she could’t physically find him.

But less than 24 hours after posting a bizarre plea online, TikTok sleuths were on to the case and managed to track down the MIA chef.

The part-time detectives claimed the London-born cook had relocated from the family’s home in Massachusetts all the way to Texas.

Some of them even alleged they had matched with Charles – who now allegedly goes by “Charlie” – on dating apps such as Bumble.

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After the hubby hunt saga, McGuire revealed that he has now reached out to her and explained why she deleted her viral Facebook post.

Speaking to her friend and radio presenter Ashlee Feldman on the JAM’N Morning Show on Monday, the single mum said that Charlie has now texted her on an old number she had saved for him.

McGuire explained she assumed the number was inactive as he had reportedly been “ignoring her” on it.

As she introduced her interview guest, Feldman claimed that the TV chef “never met one of his children”.

“My girl here drove herself to the hospital alone, gave birth, drove that baby home alone,” she said.

McGuire told the radio show that she now “just wants to move on” and explained why she removed the now-viral Facebook plea.

She said: “I don’t want any ties, I don’t want any connections, I just want the next chapter of my life to start.

“At the end of the day, he dipped. He took off.”

“I truly mean what I said, I don’t have any ill will towards him,” she added.

“I did not intentionally make him the most hated man out there by any means.

“I hope he’s good. For somebody to turn their life this upside down, there’s obviously some internal struggles there, there’s a lot going on.

“But at the same time to just walk away from all responsibility, just walk away like it never happened is just – you can’t do that.”

McGuire continued: “You need to be held accountable. There needs to be some respect for the situation, and if you’re a guy out there who has somebody that’s taking care of your kids.

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“You’re hands off, you’re not involved or vice versa if you’re a mom and you have a dad who’s taking care of your kids, have respect for them.”

The single mum said that she put the post up in the hopes of it reaching somebody close to Charles and encourage him to “step it up” and contact her.

MCGuire also revealed that her Facebook post “could have been way worse” as she “kept a lot of details out”, including those that would “turn him in a bad light”.

“I was very graceful, my goal was not to disrupt his whole life,” she said.

The “ghosted” wife decided to take the post down because Charles said he’d be “happy to talk to her”.

But the Brit allegedly asked her to take down his employers’ information “because it was a privacy risk”.

MCGuire’s hubby hunt began last Saturday after McGuire turned to Facebook to try to find her runaway partner.

She wrote: “This is my husband, Charles Withers. He loves to be the centre of attention but I’m not sure how much he’s going to like this.

“Last year, when I was pregnant with our youngest baby, he decided being a husband and a dad wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and he ghosted, like gone without a trace.”

“He has one baby he hasn’t seen in over a year, and one he’s never met.

“He’s moved somewhere out of state and changed his phone number.”

McGuire first made her bombshell claims public on the popular Facebook group “Are We Dating the Same Guy”.

She described her distant lost lover as “charming” but added he has “probably never mentioned having a wife or kids back in Massachusetts”.

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Charles Withers starred in a 2022 episode of the reality TV show “Chopped” on The Food Network making him a recognisable face.

He is said to have abruptly shut the doors to his restaurant before fleeing Massachusetts over 12 months ago.

McGuire says she publicly spilled the beans of his complete runner after several failed attempts at contacting him privately.

The wild story quickly gained the attention of millions online with one TikTok detailing the story getting over five million views.

Several other posts have also gained hundreds of thousands of comments from frustrated women saying they feel McGuire’s pain.

Despite many of these angered women wanting to see the chef get his comeuppance for his walk-out act, the classy mum asked for people to calm down with the hate for her ex.

She added: “I sincerely appreciate all of your support, but please do not make threats, spread hate, or try to go out and locate him.

“Truly I only want to see this situation resolved so me and my children can restart our lives and fix the damage done.”

Food Network

Brit Charles starred in a 2022 episode of the reality TV show ‘Chopped’[/caption]


Ashley and Charles pictured with one of their babies in 2022[/caption]


Ashley, pictured in 2022, said she has had ‘a few girls reach out’ to her and share her husband’s Texas address[/caption]


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