Gombe: A Shining Example Of Progress In The North

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Nestled in the heart of Northern Nigeria, Gombe State stands as a shining example of effective governance, sustainable development, and progress. Over the years, the state has continuously charted a course towards prosperity, earning accolades and recognition for its remarkable achievements across various sectors.

One of the hallmarks of Gombe’s success lies in its impeccable infrastructure, particularly its well-maintained township roads, which are widely regarded as the best in the entire Northern region. This commitment to infrastructure development is complemented by the state’s exemplary governance model, characterized by a seamless transition of power and a steadfast dedication to the welfare of its citizens, irrespective of political affiliations.

In recent years, Gombe, under the leadership of Governor Inuwa Yahaya, has emerged as a frontrunner in fostering a conducive business environment, consistently ranking as the number one state in terms of ease of doing business. This feat speaks volumes about the state’s proactive approach to economic development and its commitment to attracting investments both locally and internationally.
The recently launched “Outsource to Nigeria” initiative further underscores Gombe’s status as a preferred destination for investors, with the potential to create thousands of jobs and spur economic growth.

Transparency and accountability form the bedrock of Gombe’s governance ethos, as evidenced by its stellar performance in fiscal management and budget implementation. The state’s commitment to fiscal transparency has garnered acclaim from reputable organizations such as BudgetIT and the Centre for Fiscal Transparency and Integrity Watch, further solidifying its reputation as a beacon of good governance.

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Education remains a top priority for the government of Gombe, as demonstrated by its successful efforts in reintegrating over 300,000 out-of-school children back into the educational system through initiatives like BESDA.
The state’s focus on education extends beyond mere enrollment numbers, with special attention given to the remodeling of Almajiri tsangaya schools to ensure inclusive and quality education for all.
In the agricultural sector, Gombe has emerged as a significant player, boasting impressive yields in crops such as wheat and tomatoes. With vast fertile land and strategic initiatives like the Dadin Kowa dam and the forthcoming Gombe Investment Summit, the state is poised to further leverage its agricultural potential for sustainable economic development.

Healthcare is another area where Gombe shines, with its state-funded contributory healthcare insurance scheme providing essential coverage to over 200,000 beneficiaries. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring access to affordable healthcare for all residents, particularly the underserved and vulnerable populations.

On the economic front, Gombe has witnessed a remarkable increase in revenue generation, defying global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The state’s ability to exceed revenue targets while simultaneously expanding its investment portfolio speaks volumes about its resilience and forward-thinking approach to economic management.

Gombe remains steadfast in its pursuit of progress and development, with ambitious initiatives like the Network 11-100 project aimed at enhancing rural connectivity and stimulating economic activities across all local governments. Additionally, the state’s pioneering efforts in land administration through the Gombe Geographical and Information System (GOGIS) serve as a blueprint for other states in the region, further cementing Gombe’s status as a trailblazer in innovation and governance.

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Gombe State stands as a shining testament to the transformative power of visionary leadership, effective governance, and commitment to progress. As it continues on its trajectory of development, Gombe seems poised to inspire and lead by example, setting new standards of excellence for the entire nation.

– Benjamin wrote from Garki, Abuja


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