I don’t think it’s for people like us – Terry G on never getting married

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He stressed that sex and women are part of the game in music and without them, music would be boring.

Nigerian singer Terry G has revealed that he is not looking into getting married because being married would affect his music.

Speaking on the recent episode of The Honest Bunch podcast, the Akpako singer stated that marriage and music don’t mix because a married person must be faithful.

“I’m not married but I’m not really considering marriage. It’s not in my plans. I’m 37 years old and I’ve never been married. I don’t think I’d ever get married because I don’t think it’s for people like us, musicians,” he said.

“I won’t generalise it because I don’t put myself in people’s shoes. For me, my endeavours won’t allow me. If I get married now, it’d restrict me from my female fans. Now I have a baby mama who I’m co-parenting with and I’m very responsible, but I respect her like I’m married to her,” he added.

Terry G also stressed that when it comes to music sex is part of the game and a married singer would be unable to fully bond with his female fans if he were married.

“The reason why I feel like people like me would not get married. I see no reason why you should not be faithful to your partner. And to be a bad guy in this music game you have to know how to knack and it has to be part of the game. Sex is part of music and you can’t take it out, without it you’re empty,” he said.

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“Females are the base of the music, the juice. So when you remove them you’re bored, you’re just living a boring life. Outside of sex, you need the females because they’re the ones who would sell your music for you. I love my baby mama and I respect her but I don’t want to use my own to spoil her plans, I’m not married to her,” the singer concluded.


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