I once dated someone who didn’t want me to give money to anybody else – Man shares

I once dated someone who didn’t want me to give money to anybody else – Man shares
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My babe didn't want him to give anybody else money - Man shares

A young Nigerian man has revealed the reason he called off a relationship with someone he was once madly in love with.

The guy known on Twitter (X) as @uncle_retired, said his ex was always opposed to the idea of him offering financial assistance or support anybody apart from her.

According to him, the girl named Zainab would always chide him if he gives money to any person or family, and she would lament that he wasted it.

@uncle_retired, shared the story in response to a Twitter user that asked; What killed your feelings for someone you were once madly in love with?

He wrote; “She hated it when I helped anyone financially. As long as I’m not giving her the money, I shouldn’t give anyone else. She would always point out something unnecessary that she could do with that money I just wasted as she termed it.

For instance, I could give a family 20k to buy food and she will say “you just wasted that money on people that may be lying to you. The money I could have used for a spa day”. You guessed it, she was a “Zainab” too. WITCH.”

In another news…

A South African man has revealed that he ended his relationship with his girlfriend because of how she chose to handle a bill payment situation.

The guy known as @ArtificialSteez took her out to a fast-food restaurant but he claimed to have forgotten his card at home.She offered to pay for what they ordered but demanded that he will refund the money to her later.

He said that he refused to accept that agreement because it was the first time he was seeing her bank account being that he often pays the bill.

According to him after he declined, his girlfriend decided to only pay for her own order and it was at that moment he knew that the relationship could not continue.

He wrote: ”Lmao we were at Chicken Licken I forgot my card at my place n she said she’ll pay but I must refund her. I refused cuz this is the first time I even saw her bank card, she then said she’ll only buy for herself ke. I said bet🤷🏽‍♂️💀😂

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