Moment Portable Confronted Actress Eniola Ajao to Demand Explanations For Bobrisky’s Award

<div>Moment Portable Confronted Actress Eniola Ajao to Demand Explanations For Bobrisky’s Award</div>
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Nigerian musician Habeeb Okikiola, better known as Portable, confronted actress Eniola Ajao with questions, asking why an award was presented to a horror, Bobrisky, rather than a hero, a nice and normal person who deserves it.

Portable’s queries came just days after crossdresser Bobrisky won the title of best-dressed female in the feminine category despite being male.

In reaction to the award conferred on Bobrisky, prominent Nigerians criticised the event organisers, including Eniola Ajao, the movie owner who organised the premiere.

Due to the criticism, Eniola Ajao ultimately bow to pressure, apologised, and retrieved the award from Bobrisky, handed it over to the real owner along with enticing financial incentives.

Despite this, Portable lashed out at Eniola Ajao when they finally met several days after the incident.

Not ignoring the mistakes made during the movie debut, Portable posed additional inquiries.

Sitting beside the actress, he asked, “You want to give an award to a person; you ought to give it to a hero, but you gave the award to a horror. Why did you give the horror award?”

As he spoke, the actress attempted to silence him by covering his lips, but the singer refused and continued to express himself.


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