Politicians Have Hijacked  the Process of Ascendancy  to the Throne of Olubadan – Group Cries Out

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The IBILE G-7, a  cultural and non- political organization  has warned   the traditional  Chiefs in Ibadan land not to allow politics and politicians to use them to desecrate   the Olubadan stool, reputed  to be  the best, most reliable, and non- controversial kingship ascendancy system  in the entire  Yorubaland.

The process of ascendancy  to the stool of Olubadan, which has become the envy of other towns in Yorubaland and which is now a case study in countries across the world about  monarchies in Africa,  may degenerate into  absurdity and unnecessary  controversy, which could generate disrepute for  Ibadanland and it’s people, home and abroad.

The *IBILE G-7* has posited that High Chiefs  behind this unwarranted tension  being created and which has never happened  before  in the history of Ibadan land,  could be regarded as treachery  and a coup against the constituted authority and the smooth arrangement  in  the enthronement of the new Olubadan of Ibadan.

The group argued that the High Chiefs at the centre  of the on-going controversy,  should realise that their actions, may disrupt the kingship  process as presently constituted, and may affect, how   Kingmakers are selected  and constituted, in accordance to the tradition  of Ibadanland.

The Ibile group frowns  at the peddling of falsehood and considers it as  inimical to the strong bond among the administrative pillars of the ancient  historical  town of Ibadan.

The IBILE G-7 rising from its emergency meeting, declared that  the hurriedly constituted  *afobajes* should not  allow themselves  to be used by a bunch of disgruntled  politicians who would like to denigrate their persons,  with no lofty ideas to impact others, than promotion of selfish interests, which would  not augur well for the development  and unity of the people of Ibadanland.

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The IBILE G-7 statement,  jointly signed by the group leader, Lanre Ogundipe,  a former leader of African Union of Journalists and  President of  the Nigerian Union of Journalists;  and a  staunch  member  of the  group, Mr. Olajide Laniyonu hereby declare  that the new- age Ibadan indigenes frowns at any situation that would allow some clowns and mediocres to create opportunities for themselves to massage personal egos detrimental to the development of Ibadanland”

Continuing *IBIBLE G-7*  notes  that the “group has  resolved to defend the integrity of the institution of Olubadan as enshrined in Ibadan declaration. In this regard, no individual or group of persons has rights to  tamper with  or invalidate the provision therein.”

The *IBILE G7* group, consists of professionals drawn from Ibadan who have distinguished themselves in various spheres of human endeavours.

The group warns that henceforth, indigenes would not tolerate further insults  on the office of the  Olubadan by anyone, no matter how high placed.  “We call on Chief Hamidu Ajibade to retract his statement and tender unreserved apology to the  Olubadan – designate, Balogun of Ibadanland, Oba Owolabi Olakunlehin and High Chief Rasidi Adewolu Ladoja.”

“Ajibade’s insult on these Ibadan title holders stand condemned in all ramifications. Consequently. all well-  meaning Ibadan indigenes should  caution and  warn him  against further  speaking or representing the Olubadan –  in – Council in any of its activities. He should also  be warned  to desist from further ridiculing or use of  uncouth language,  alien to the royal homes in Ibadanland and  deploying such against the high ranking cabinet chiefs”.

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“Can a highly placed man, throw decency to the wind and  pour invenctives on our  fathers and yet walk shoulder higher on Ibadan streets? Ajibade’s inordinate ambition and that of his cohorts is repulsive, and he needs to atone for his sins. They cannot be trusted with Ibadan honours with this  kind of behavior.

The group further noted, “It has never been this bad, in the history of Obaship in Ibadan and it is high time  those who want to  expose the ancient town  of   Ibadan Land, which has remained  the political and industrial  hub of the South West, to ridicule, to  desist from such”

We recall that  eminent Ibadan elites had earlier warned on the infusion of Ibadan chieftaincy hierarchy with people of questionable pedigree.

Such irrational investitures are now showing traits and casting aspersions on the cherished gains and recognition that the ancient city had garnered over the years. More worrisome is the proliferation on the awards of Mogaji titles on  inducement and cash and carry.

The Ibile G-7 group note that the new development is fast eroding  past achievements, whereby, Yorubas from all walks of life troop to Ibadan to be schooled in the art of culture and tradition to widen their scope because of its vast knowledge of her indigenes prowess in the areas of preserving our customs and oral history. “What we have now is not the same but a pseudo and junk version of oral history trying to compromise the enduring historical legacy .”

Imagine the so – called and acclaimed-6%  crowned heads who were in attendance at Mapo Hall to watch  the lying-  in – state of the late Olubadan, Oba Mohood Olalekan Balogun. Mean while a royal father in the state (name withheld) who was in Alli-Iwo palace to commiserate,  was led  out through an outlet to avert abomination, yet the errant chiefs were gloating in ignorance while  perverting tradition and staring at the corpse.”

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It is sad indeed that this set of people should  continue to parade themselves as crowned heads. These abuses and disrespect of our tradition,  culture,  and oaths of allegiances are anomalous.

The impunity with which the act is unleashed on Yoruba traditions is alarming and if not checked, lots of damage already done will be extended while the misnomers that would follow would be unprecedented in the  history and tradition of Ibadan land

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