“Rate of paternity fraud is too high” – Doyin urges women to allow men do DNA test

“Rate of paternity fraud is too high” – Doyin urges women to allow men do DNA test
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Doyin urges women to allow husbands do DNA test

Reality TV star and podcaster, Doyinsola David, professionally addressed as Doyin, has said it is understandable for men to want DNA tests conducted on their kids given the high rate of paternity fraud.

She beckoned on wives and baby mamas to allow their partners do the test if they are suspicious, so they can confirm the paternity and take care of the child, rather than for them to react emotionally to such request.

Doyin urges women to allow husbands do DNA test

In a post on her Instagram page, the Big Brother Naija two-time contestant admitted that it is a painful request but necessary for a man to confirm that he is indeed the father of the child he is catering for.

Doyin wrote: “It’s not a bad thing for your partner to request for DNA test. If he wants to take care of a child that isn’t his, let it be his decision to do that intentionally not because he thinks he’s the father. The rate of paternity fraud is too high for you to think emotionally if your partner asks for a DNA test. It’s a painful request but it’s understandable.”

Meanwhile, in similar news…

It was reported earlier that a Nigerian man took to social media to narrate how a rich friend discovered that his three children do not belong to him.

He said the man was making arrangements to travel to Canada with his wife and kids, so he conducted DNA tests on them as part of the requirements for the visa approval.

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However, when the results came out, it showed that he was not the biological father of any of the children aged, 9, 6 and 4. According to the narrator, the wife defended the paternity fraud by blaming it on her husband’s excess committment to his work.

The post reads; “A friend of mine got DNA results for all three of his kids yesterday. None of them are his. A 9 year old, a 6 year old and a 4 year old. The man is completely broken. His wife’s response was that he worked too hard and she drops her phone. She has not responded to all our calls.

This man is a line manager with an international oil and gas service company, doing absolutely great, his kids came to visit him and according to him, he simply wanted to run comprehensive medicals for them and just decided to throw in a DNA to check ancestry.

The man is completely broken. His kids are in the house with him, security and emergency services have been called, everybody is crying, kids are crying.”

A tweep commented; Any man that does DNA test in this age has somehow prepared his mind for the worst. Like I usually say, this thing called marriage, I see it as a scam. How do you bring untold hardship to a person you claim to love ? I think DNA test should be made compulsory after birth …because it’s like women are still sleeping with the serpent.

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