US, UK sign MOU to test safety of emerging AI models

US, UK sign MOU to test safety of emerging AI models
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The governments of the United States of America and the United Kingdom have both signed a Memorandum of Understanding to test the safety of emerging AI models.

The MOU was signed by both countries in order to establish a standard methodology for impartial assessment of such AI models’ safety upon their release.

Following the signing of the MOU, the AI Safety Institute in the UK and its US counterpart will create test suites to evaluate the dangers and guarantee the security of “the most advanced AI models.”

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The Financial Times was informed by UK science minister Michelle Donelan, who signed the deal, that they “really got to act quickly” since they anticipate the release of a new generation of AI models during the course of the next year. They think those models have the potential to be “complete game-changers,” but they are unsure of their full potential.

“AI is the defining technology of our generation. This partnership is going to accelerate both of our institutes’ work across the full spectrum of risks, whether to our national security or to our broader society,” US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said.

“Our partnership makes clear that we aren’t running away from these concerns—we’re running at them. Because of our collaboration, our institutes will gain a better understanding of AI systems, conduct more robust evaluations, and issue more rigorous guidance”, he added.

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