Why Bobrisky, Others Cannot Be Arrested – Police Spokesperson Adejobi Speaks

Why Bobrisky, Others Cannot Be Arrested – Police Spokesperson Adejobi Speaks
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In a recent development, a police spokesperson known as Olumuyiwa Adejobi has spoken out about cross-dressing in Nigeria.

In an interview in Channels TV, the host asked the police spokesperson why cross-dressers such as Bob Risky and others are not being arrested and accosted by the police. However, the police spokes person revealed that they had not been arrested because it is a very tricky situation.

He expressed that cross-dressing is not yet a punishable offence in Nigeria, and that what is a crime is being queer. He also stated that even if there might be rumours of people who cross-dress also being a part of the LGBTQ community, because there is no specific evidence to back that up, they cannot take them to court.

He further stated that if they are taken to court, you will lose in court because there is no strong evidence to support your claims.

Also recall that back in 2023, James Brown had revealed that he was born a cross-dresser. He further shared an insight into how much he makes each time he makes a post.

He expressed that he charges nothing less than 800,000 to 1 million Naira per post on Instagram. He also defended his reason for the price as he noted that he has millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, back in March of 2024, Bobrisky had blown hot after people criticised his decision to be a cross-dresser. He wrote a lengthy post on Instagram where he cautioned people to allow other people leave. He also explained that there was something called choice and everybody has their own different choices to make.

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He went on to express that even if his creator was to wake him up, he would still defend himself and tell God why. He further cautioned them to mind their business.


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