Lady Who Boarded A Flight Sees Her Luggage Left Behind As Plane Was Set To Take Off

Lady Who Boarded A Flight Sees Her Luggage Left Behind As Plane Was Set To Take Off
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A lady who boarded a flight noticed that her luggage had been left behind at the airport as the plane was getting ready to take off.
Unfortunately,  because the plane was in motion and about to take off, there was nothing the flight attendant nor the lady could do about it.
The lady, Nothannah Margie whose luggage was left behind took to her TikTok page to share a video lamenting how she sobbed in midair. The video shows the bag lying alone beneath an airplane, unattended.
The video is captioned:

“When your plane is literally taking off and you saw just your suitcase left behind.”

A lot of netizens reacted to the video while some of them shared similar experiences.

@Shayan.x.26 said: “Once, I also saw a suitcase on the runway and laughed that someone’s suitcase was gonna left there.When I reached my destination after not getting my luggage I realized it was mine.”

@Hannah commented: “Suitcase watching you leave like…”

@Sidclusive said: “Suitcase said: have a safe flight!”

@Kelsie said: “Okay but this happened to me and I got a $500 shopping spree on air Canada AND my luggage delivered to my hotel within 24 hours. A bad start to my trip but a blessing in disguise.”

@lex said: “I would be so frustrated and sobbing bad.”

@hayley said: “I have seen this once & told the flight attendant and she yelled at me that it wasn’t her job.”

Watch the video below:

@nothannahmargie cmon aircanada #travelnurse #yvr #vancouver dźwięk oryginalny –


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