Model, 27, hunted by Putin’s cronies & issued £1000 fine after saying ‘Russian women aren’t pretty’ in online rant

<div>Model, 27, hunted by Putin’s cronies & issued £1000 fine after saying ‘Russian women aren’t pretty’ in online rant</div>
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AN ONLYFANS model has been hunted down by cronies of Vladimir Putin and fined £1,000 after saying Russian women aren’t pretty.

Olya Kasyanenko, 27, was forced to apologise for “insulting” Russian people and Putin’s armed forces and is now facing a police probe.


OnlyFans model Olya Kasyanenko, 27, was forced to apologise for ‘insulting’ Russians[/caption]


The model claimed Ukrainian women were more beautiful than Russian women[/caption]


She was made to apologise for ‘making negative comments’ about Russians[/caption]


Telegram channel Crimean Smersh is said to have forced her to issue the apology[/caption]

The model ranted in an online video about how invaded regions of eastern Ukraine, which Putin and his armed forces call Novorossiya, “sucks” and suggested Russians were “freaks”.

She also claimed Russian women were “not very pretty” and that Ukraine was a “super nation”.

Olya, originally from Makiivka in eastern Ukraine, now lives in the Russian city of Krasnodar and has a Russian passport.

She said: “You don’t understand, Ukrainians are the prettiest people.

“Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the whole world.”

Russia, she said while laughing, was home to “freaks”.

The influencer has since been accused of “inciting ethnic hatred” and insulting Russians and Russia’s armed forces.

Pro-Kremlin news outlet Mash reported: “Several years ago she moved to Krasnodar and became a great specialist in eugenics.

“She believes that Ukrainians are a super nation, but Russians are not.

“Even during broadcasts, she demonstrates great knowledge of history and national Ukrainian folklore.

Everyone can see the leaves – but you have 20/20 vision & a high IQ if you can spot the grasshopper in 8 seconds

“The Krasnodar police did not appreciate such rhetoric – now they are carefully studying her video.”

Initially, the woman said in her comments that she was being “sarcastic” and was surprised that her critics did not understand that.

But she was later forced by Telegram channel Crimean Smersh, run by pro-war fanatic Alexander Talipov, to issue an apology.

The channel is known to share the personal data of people who do not support Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022.

Olya said in her apology: “I, Olga (Olya) Kasyanenko, born on 15 March 1997, offer my sincere apology to the citizens of the Russian Federation for discrediting the armed forces on the Internet and also demonstrating extremist symbols.”

She added that she was sorry to have made “negative comments about the people living in different parts of Russia”.

The model was fined £780 and still faces investigation, according to reports, meaning she could meet harsher penalties.

Russian television channel Tsargrad TV accused Olya of “hatred of everything connected with our country”.

She reportedly said she would refuse to help a pro-Putin rebel soldier in the Donbas “without legs or arms, even if they begged for assistance”.

The OnlyFans model has 120,000 followers on live streaming platform Twitch and 25,000 followers on Instagram, which is banned in Russia.

Her forced apology comes after Russian influencer Alena Agafonova, 23, was sent to Putin’s infamous hard labour gulag jail for “tickling the breast” of a famous war statue.

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The social media star was sentenced 10 months’ jail over a video she filmed last year at the statue of The Motherland Calls.

Putin’s ‘moral’ crackdown

Criticism of the war in Ukraine has been criminalised, with the accused sentenced to jail, ordered to pay fines, and sometimes fired, blacklisted, labelled “foreign agents”, and left with no choice but to flee Russia.

A court gave a two-year suspended sentence to a St Petersburg woman who left a note on Putin’s parents’ grave saying they had “raised a freak and a killer”.

Irina Tsybaneva, 60, was found guilty of desecrating burial places motivated by political hatred.

And a Russian government agency added actor Artur Smolyaninov and a former consultant for the Ukrainian president’s office to a list of “extremists and terrorists”.

Smolyaninov had said hypothetically that he would take part in hostilities only on Ukraine’s side, and Ukrainian presidential consultant Oleksiy Arestovich had stated online that a Russian missile caused the deaths of 45 people in the city of Dnipro.

A history teacher from Komi, Nikita Tushkanov, was sentenced to five and a half years’ prison for comments he made about the explosion of the Kerch Bridge, linking occupied Crimea to Russia.

The teacher – who called the bridge explosion a “birthday present” for Putin in online posts – was found guilty of “discrediting” the Russian army and of justifying terrorism.


OnlyFans model Olya Kasyanenko poses by the pool[/caption]


The social media star has 25,000 followers on Instagram[/caption]


Reports say the model was fined £780[/caption]


Olya also has 120,000 followers on live streaming platform Twitch[/caption]


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