Moment near-NAKED tourists in bikinis are confronted by furious Majorca locals after spilling off boat for brazen stroll

Moment near-NAKED tourists in bikinis are confronted by furious Majorca locals after spilling off boat for brazen stroll
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A GROUP of nearly-naked tourists has left locals stunned as they strolled around Majorca wearing very little.

The holidaymakers were filmed walking around Palma in bikinis after coming from one of the party boats in the area.

A group of tourists was seen walking around in bikinis in Palma
The women don’t seem bothered by people’s stares
The man wandered down a street in Palma in nothing but swimming trunks
The man was seen walking in Majorca wearing a pair of green swimming trunks

Footage shows a group of five women brazenly strolling along the promenade in their swimsuits, leaving locals in shock.

They appear unfazed by the locals’ stares and casually cross the road wearing next to nothing.

The video comes after another tourist became the centre of attention in Majorca when he popped to the shops in a similar ensemble.

Residents were left fuming after the holidaymakers was seen walking down a busy high street sporting a pair of green speedos and trainers.

As photos of the tourist circulated online, Spanish locals fumed, with some even suggesting he should be arrested.

One woman wrote: “Please arrest these near naked people.

“Or the shirtless, near-nude, bikini-wearing morons who wander around markets, towns and shops. Ukkk! Quality tourism can’t come soon enough!”

Officials are not amused by the brazen tourists and have called on holidaymakers to dress up.

A business owner in the area told the Majorca Bulletin “that the naked truth about the state of affairs is that some tourists think that they can do what they like.”

It is in fact illegal to only wear a bikini or swimming shorts in some public parts of Spain – including the Balearic Islands.

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Brits can be hit with a fine of up to £500 in the popular holiday destination for wearing swimwear or going shirtless anywhere but the beach.

Meanwhile, a wave of anti-tourism protests has broken across multiple European destinations with locals calling for an end to excess tourism.

Harsh anti-tourist graffiti has appeared on walls in popular hotspots in Greece and Spain, urging holidaymakers to “go home.”

A number of bitter grafitti messages appeared in Athens with residents claiming tourists add to the city’s overcrowding and taking their homes.

The same happened in Tenerife, where thousands took to the streets last month to demand restrictions on holidaymakers.

Residents said they are “fed-up” with “low quality” Brits who only come for the cheap beer, burgers and sunbathing.

While in Ibiza, locals have cried they “can’t take anymore” as they called for further restrictions on tourists visiting the island.

Protesters also gathered in Madrid and Barcelona to show their support.


Locals are urging holidaymakers to “go home”[/caption]


Harsh anti-tourist graffiti appeared in Athens[/caption]


Similar messages were sprayed across walls in Spain[/caption]

Canarian Weekly

Locals in the Canary islands are getting fed-up with the high number of visitors[/caption]


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