Shocking moment terrified tourist is GORED by wild bull on popular beach after she tried to calmly pack up her towels

Shocking moment terrified tourist is GORED by wild bull on popular beach after she tried to calmly pack up her towels
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THIS is the appalling moment a woman is gored by a wild bull on a popular beach as she tried to pick up her bag and beach towel.

At first the bull just sniffs at her but soon becomes enraged, butting the woman with its horns and throwing her to the ground.

The bull sniffs at the woman’s bags as she tries to retrieve them
Jam Press Vid
It soon turns on her as she reaches to grab something
Jam Press Vid
The bull then charges at her, slamming her to the ground
The bull pummelled the helpless tourist as she lay on the sand

The disturbing video starts with the woman trying to remain calm before abandoning her bag and walking away.

But as she turns back to try and pick it up, the beast catches her movement and pounces.

The woman tries to run in the sand but doesn’t get far before the bull rams her from behind causing her to fall.

She desperately tries to regain her balance and stand up but the animal knocks her in the head, sending her down again.

Horrified onlookers scream as they watch her helplessly trapped under the bull while it tramples her into the sand.

Eventually the animal leaves the woman alone and as she lies curled still on the beach it walks away.

Bystanders begin to close in, remaining wary of the animal as it prowls around.

The attack happened on La Fortuna beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Footage, shared by BCS noticias, captures the onlookers warning the woman in the moments before the attack.

One warned her “You are really playing with it right now!” as it sniffed her bag.

He goes on “Please, please!”, as the bull grew more and more restless.

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The man then tells her: “Jesus, lady please, please move out of the way”.

This is the moment when the bull seems to take more notice of her belongings on the ground rather than her, and she is able to walk away.

But as she turns back the man again shouts “You’re not doing us any favours!

“Back up! Back away!”

He later grows angry, saying “We tried to f*****g tell you!”

But none of the stunned bystanders intervene as the beast pummels the woman on the ground.

It is unclear exactly when the attack took place or why the wild bull was even on the popular beach to begin with.

The woman’s condition is unknown.

The animal became preoccupied with the woman’s belongings and left her alone briefly before the attack
Jam Press Vid


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