The 20 most impactful Nigerian online media personalities

The 20 most impactful Nigerian online media personalities
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It’s 2024, and the Nigerian media space is now as entertaining as never.

The Nigerian media scene has seen a remarkable transformation, with core platforms expanding to podcasts, YouTube shows, radio, and television. This evolution has resulted in a surge in programmes documenting high-profile events in pop culture. Our narratives are now written authentically, in our native language, and in a tone that resonates across all societal strata, allowing consumers of all backgrounds to engage seamlessly.

Nigeria’s media space used to be limited to traditional channels such as television, radio, and newspapers. On the other hand, the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube has increased our access to media. Furthermore, despite their popularity and occasional overuse, podcasts have evolved into a creative medium for narrating previously untold stories as well as archiving new stories and events. Celebrities can now easily secure media platforms to tell their stories and control the narrative. This is especially true in a world where rumours and fake news often receive more attention than accurate and factual reporting.

Here, we highlight the 20 most impactful Nigerian online media personalities in no particular order;

1. Chude Jideonwo (#WithChude)

Chude Jideonwo, a Nigerian TV host, filmmaker, and media entrepreneur, is the one who looks ahead despite the industry forces thrown at him. He co-sponsored Red Africa and Joy, Inc., an American company, as well as its Nigerian subsidiary, as part of his dynamic leadership in both local and global organisations. His extensive experience in media, advertising, and public relations has aided his overall development. He’s now a multi-faceted professional. 

He delves into news stories with #WithChude, a well-known talk show and podcast that has captivated Africa’s top celebrities and leaders, revealing hidden truths while emphasising social justice and culture. #WithChude is known for breaking news. On #WithChude, Jideonwo creates a welcoming and therapeutic environment in which his guests can open up about events, secrets, and thoughts that they would not normally share with the media. 

Jideonwo’s impact extends beyond media projects. He co-founded RED | For Africa with his friend Vérité Sheppard, a media organisation that was instrumental in election processes and social movements in several African countries. His thriving company, The Joy, Inc, collaborates with institutions such as Ford Motor Company and the Lagos State Government. This contributes to the creation of safe and moral environments in business, politics, and culture.

2. Eniola Korty Olanrewaju (Kortyeo)

Eniola Korty Olanrewaju, with her YouTube channel Korty EO, is a familiar name in the media world in Nigeria. Her journey began with sharing glimpses of her life in short videos, which quickly garnered attention, particularly among her fellow models. This initial traction led her to a role at Zikoko, where she excelled as a writer and content creator.

Recognising the need to spotlight the often-overlooked experiences of women in Nigeria, Korty spearheaded the creation of HER, a show dedicated to showcasing their lives. After nearly two years with Zikoko, she transitioned to a new opportunity as the head of content for Mr Eazi’s emPawa music accelerator programme. However, her passion for YouTube remained strong, prompting her to fully commit to content creation on the platform.

She eventually unveiled two shows on YouTube; Flow With Korty and Love and Lies. With Flow With Korty, Korty showcases rare footage of celebrities’ behind-the-scenes lifestyles and personalities while conversing with them about their struggles, lessons, ambitions, and experiences. Love and Lies, on the other hand, is a dating show that chronicles the drama and comedy of setting random people on dates in Lagos.

By way of her deep, forward-thinking content as well as a never-ending determination, Korty has become a realizing figure in the Nigerian media. Apart from her famous gender-role revolutionary career in content creation, she has been an important influencer of pop culture and the whole media ecology. Here stands a triumph of Korty EO, through which passion, determination, and the ability to subdue the norms are expressed as a part of the process and further development of meaningful storytelling.

3. Chinedu Ani Emmanuel (Nedu Wazobia The Honest Bunch)

Nedu Wazobia, legally known as Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, is one of those multidimensional Nigerian celebrities who worked behind the scenes before becoming a well-known figure in the media industry. What is well-known is that on-air, he is a media personality, a broadcast journalist, a TV presenter, an actor, a comedian, and a content creator whose influence extends across multiple platforms. His pidgin morning show on Wazobia FM 94.1 Lagos serves as a symbol of his more artistic approach.

Nedu has long played an important role in Glitch Africa Studios’ Honest Bunch podcast (formerly Frankly Speaking). He collaborates with other hosts, including Chukwudi Ezugwu (Husband Material), Adetoun Cole (Deity Cole), and Ezinne Jane Ugorji. They take a raw and direct approach to some of the most difficult issues confronting our society today.

Nedu’s presence in the Nigerian media is not new. His comedic personas, profound but sometimes provocative viewpoints, and ability to elicit candid revelations from podcast guests cement his status as one of the country’s most notable media personalities.

4.  Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi (Isbae U – Curiosity Made Me Ask)

Adebayo Ridwan Abidemi, better known as Isbae U, has emerged as a prominent figure in the entertainment media landscape. Initially gaining traction as a comedic actor, Isbae U skyrocketed to fame in 2019 following his appearance in a comedy video alongside Mr. Macaroni. Subsequently, he carved his niche by establishing his skit franchise and later ventured into hosting his YouTube show titled Curiosity Made Me Ask.

On this platform, Isbae U has engaged with a diverse array of guests, including KCee, Portable, Blaqbonez, Odumodublvck, and many more. Infused with his trademark comedic flair, his show stands out as one of the most captivating and culturally relevant programmes on YouTube, offering a delightful blend of humour and pop culture insights.

5. Chinasa Anukam (Is this seat taken?)

Chinasa Anukam is a talented Nigerian-American host, comedian, writer, and actress. She has spent her entire life travelling throughout Africa, Europe, and North America, giving her a diverse and global perspective. In addition to her work as a lawyer, businesswoman, and teacher, Chinasa has recently dabbled in comedy, writing, and acting.

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On her YouTube series, Is This Seat Taken? Chinasa Anukam invites guests to join her for a meal, conversation, and lightheartedness. She creates a relaxed atmosphere in each show so that her guests feel comfortable sharing their life stories, careers, and everything in between. In addition to injecting humour into the programme, Chinasa ensures that her guests are at ease enough to fully participate and open up.

6.  Oluwatimileyin Agbaje (Timi Agbaje)

Oluwatimileyin Agbaje, also known by the stage name Timi Agbaje, is a well-known Nigerian personality who works as a lawyer, event host, and content creator. He has become well-known for his amusing interviewing style, which he employs at various events to elicit information about attendees’ expenses, outfit choices, and sources of inspiration, among other topics. Timi effectively collaborates with comedic skit creators such as Sabinus, Mr. Macaroni, and others to create engaging content.

In recent times, Timi has actively disseminated legal analyses of major pop cultural events. He has delved into the arrests of celebrities such as Bobrisky and Cubana Chiefpriest, elaborating on the legal reasons for Bobrisky’s detention and Cubana Chiefpriest’s bond.

7. Adesope Olajide (Afrobeats Podcast)

Adesope Olajide is a British-based media personality of Nigerian descent who goes by the stage names Shopsydoo and Energy Gawd. His multifaceted career includes hosting podcasts, talk shows, events, radio, and television. Adesope explores the colourful world of Afro-pop and Afrobeats culture in her role as host of The Afrobeats Podcast.

Adesope, who has worked in the media for more than 15 years, has been instrumental in advancing African popular culture in the UK, especially in the areas of dance, music, film, and fashion. Before Afrobeats became popular on mainstream radio and television, he was one of the pioneers who promoted the genre on pirate radio stations.

Adesope currently hosts a weekly live music show called “Afrohits on The Beat” on The Beat London 103.6FM. Since its launch in 2014, the programme has included interviews with key players in the scene and featured the newest tracks from Africa.

Wizkid dubbed Adesope “Afrobeats CNN” because of his commitment to following the most recent developments in the Afrobeats scene. His dedication to chronicling Afrobeats’ advancements worldwide highlights his important role in the genre’s popularity and development.

8.  Anita Natacha Akide – (Tacha – Cool FM)

Anita Natacha Akide, a Nigerian creative and entrepreneur, is one of the country’s most successful influencers, having signed 16 endorsement deals in a row with domestic and international brands.

Tacha rose to prominence after her standout performance in the fourth season of Big Brother Naija in 2019. Her profile rose even higher after she appeared in three episodes of MTV’s 37th season of The Challenge in 2021.

She currently hosts The Big Friday Show on Cool FM, where she has intelligent conversations with prominent industry figures such as Don Jazzy, Yemi Alade, Mohbad, and others. Tacha has a talent for facilitating interesting conversations with her guests.

From her beginnings as a reality TV star, Tacha’s evolution into one of Nigeria’s foremost media personalities is truly commendable.

9. Toke Makinwa (Toke Moments)

One of the most well-known people in Nigerian media is Toke Makinwa, an actor, event host, and media personality. Her career started in 2010 when she co-hosted the The Morning Drive programme on Rhythm 93.7 FM, marking the beginning of her media career. She has since carved out one of the most interesting media careers in Nigeria.

Toke Makinwa has made a lasting impression, from her time at Rhythm 93.7 FM to her hosting roles at various events in Nigeria, such as Flytime TV’s 3 Live Chicks and the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) beauty pageant.

In 2012, Makinwa launched her YouTube vlog series, Toke Moments, which later evolved into a podcast. Through Toke Moments, she creates a welcoming environment for her guests to candidly share insights into their lives, struggles, careers, and more.

10. Quincy Ayomide Jones  (Quinzy Jonze – Echo Room)

Quinzy Jonze, born Quincy Ayomide Jones, is a popular media personality, event and TV host, and hype person from Nigeria. His career as a hype man began in 2016 while working as a resident On-Air Personality (OAP) at City 105.1FM.

Quincy has cemented his place in the industry as one of the current top radio hosts at Rhythm 93.7FM Lagos. In addition to his broadcasting abilities, he is establishing himself as a hype man and is expected to gain even more popularity soon.

Quincy’s platforms, such as The Link Up on Echo Room, allow guests to engage in in-depth conversations about societal issues, career advice, and personal reflection.

11. Susan Pwajok (Surviving Lagos)

Susan Pwajok, a multifaceted Nigerian talent, not only shines on screen but also as an influential media personality. She is known for her roles in It Blooms in June (2024), The Johnsons (2012) and Desperate Housewives Africa (2015). 

In 2022, Susan launched Surviving Lagos, a podcast produced by Glitch Africa Studios, sparking conversations that resonate with the city’s residents. With each episode, she reveals the intricate tapestry of Lagosian life, delving into its vibrant culture and navigating its challenges with ease.

In the first episode, Susan and her friends Frances Theodore and TobeSzn discussed the complexities of dating in Lagos, laying the groundwork for an insightful journey ahead. With Surviving Lagos, Susan has been able to converse with some familiar faces from Nigeria’s entertainment and health sectors, providing a rare glimpse into their experiences navigating the city’s hectic pace.

As the podcast enters its second season, Susan solidifies her reputation as a media luminary, empowering listeners with compelling narratives and insightful discussions in each episode. Through Surviving Lagos, she not only entertains but also educates her audience, cementing her legacy as a beacon of influence in Nigerian media.

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12. Temisan Emmanuel (TaymesanTea with Tay)

Temisan Emmanuel, otherwise known as Taymesan, is more than just a filming talent; he has transformed into a veritable contemporary figure in Nigerian media.  He is the host of Tea with Tay, the highly-rated podcast. 

Taymesan’s Tea with Tay offers enlightening dialogues with his guests, where the talks are on a higher level, as the subjects include people’s experiences, their lives, and their aspirations. Starting two years ago, the podcast has functioned as a platform for conversations which are frank and honest, thus starting the listeners to the lives of well-known industry figures. 

In 2015, Emmanuel got into the media limelight, walking the covers of many prestigious magazines as well as high-profile advertising organisations, such as Lagos Fashion and Design Week, ARISE Magazine, Bellanaija Style, and Thisday Style. However, his fame was secured when he was chosen to host the 15th season of Future Awards Africa, and this enhanced his perception as an attractive and lively presenter. 

In September 2022, Lipton pledged to collaborate on the second season of Tea with Tay podcast This underscored the Podcast’s evolution into a true media sensation. It is under the entertainment and insight genre of podcasting, with an array of Nigerian stars featuring prominently, such as Toke Makinwa, Davido, Yemi Alade, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, and others. 
Emmanuel, who played the lead role in Glamour Girls, the film that was aired on Netflix on June 24, 2022, became the talk of the town, which was marked as another milestone on his way to success. He is still captivating wide audiences with Tea with Tay, immortalising himself as a supreme trendsetter in mass media and reinforcing the claim that he is a real leader in the field.

13. Osikhena Dirisu and Bibi Raii (Osi Suave and Bibi – Beat99FM)

Osikhena Dirisu, known as Osi Suave, is arguably a media giant in Nigeria, where he reigns supreme as a radio and TV presenter. Powered by degrees in sociology, anthropology, and law, Osi has not only shaped policy but has also been the lead on the media and entertainment discussion since he exploded onto the scene in 2005. Osi started her career with Silverbird’s Rhythm 93.7 FM Benin, almost two decades ago. Before joining The Beat 99.9Fm in 2011, Osi hosted various high-profile shows and made media appearances for media campaigns such as Microsoft West Africa, MTV Base, VJ Search, MTV Africa Music Awards, and others. Osi goes beyond his on-screen persona as he is also a co-owner of a live events company, that organises sold-out concerts for the likes of Wande Coal, Joe, Teni and Laycon. 

As the Group Programme Director of The Beat 99. 9 FM, Osi is now a co-host of the most listened-to breakfast show in Nigeria, The Morning Rush, placing him at the top of the Nigerian media influencers’ ladder. 

Bibi Raii, with her charisma, and vivacity, is the very definition of what it is to be successful in the media, in Lagos, Dublin, and New York. Since switching from hectic city life in the streets of New York to the vibrant chaos of Lagos in August 2019, Bibi has in no time been winning the hearts of many, becoming an on-air personality, a TV presenter, a voice-over artist, and a movie actress. Through YouTube content creation, she has traced her roots, and her raw passion for media in each of her undertakings is evident. 

14. Ifedayo Olarinde (Daddy Freeze)

Ifedayo Olarinde, affectionately known as Daddy Freeze, is a seasoned broadcaster and on-air personality with extensive experience. Despite his penchant for controversy, Daddy Freeze is still a popular figure among fans. Freeze, best known as the host of Cool FM’s evening Drive Show, brought his signature style to the airwaves every day from 4 to 9 p.m.

Today, Freeze has become a multimedia expert, using platforms such as Instagram Live to conduct interviews with individuals and celebrities embroiled in controversy. With each engaging conversation, Freeze demonstrates his resourcefulness, eloquence, and media prowess while also allowing them to share their stories and potentially clear the air.

15. Motolani Alake, Melody Hassan, Excel Joab (Zero conditions)

Motolani Alake emerges as a prominent figure in Nigeria’s media landscape, boasting a diverse background encompassing law, humanitarian aid, and corporate finance before transitioning into multimedia. 

Alake’s ascent to prominence accelerated during his tenure as a music critic for Pulse Nigeria, culminating in his appointment as Editor-in-Chief in March 2022, a position he gracefully relinquished in December of the same year. Presently, Alake assumes the roles of label and marketing manager, as well as A&R coordinator at Virgin Music Nigeria, further solidifying his influence in the industry.

Additionally, Alake, alongside friends Excel Joab and Melody Hassan, embarked on the podcasting journey with Terms and Conditions, later rebranded as the Zero Conditions podcast, now produced by Pop Central TV. This platform serves as a canvas for documenting pivotal moments in pop culture, featuring insightful interviews with luminaries such as Shallipopi, Don Jazzy, Odumodublvck, and more.

Melody Hassan, a fellow media personality at City 105.1 FM, contributes her unique perspective to the podcasting realm, enriching the discussions with her expertise. Meanwhile, Excel Joab assumes the role of Senior Manager, A&R, and Artist Development at AWAL West Africa, bringing valuable industry insights to the table.
Together, this dynamic trio navigates the constantly changing world of pop culture, making a lasting impression with their thought-provoking interviews on the Zero Conditions podcast and captivating content.

16. Phyna (Spill with Phyna)

Ijeoma Josephina Otabor, popularly known as Phyna, is a multifaceted Nigerian talent who is gaining recognition in the media as a reality TV star, actress, model, and media personality. Her magnetic presence enthrals audiences on multiple platforms, leaving a lasting impression.

As the host of Glitch Africa’s enthralling production Spill With Phyna, Phyna is currently shining. She shines in this role thanks to her distinct flair and charisma, guiding viewers through thought-provoking conversations and captivating interviews. As the show’s face, Phyna keeps up her rise to prominence in Nigerian media by enthralling and inspiring audiences with her contagious enthusiasm and sincere love of storytelling.

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17. Iyabo Ojo (Gold Room)

Alice Iyabo Ojo is not just a famous person in the Nigerian film industry but also a media personality who is using her many talents to connect with the audience on different platforms. With the introduction of The Gold Room with Iyabo Ojo,” she has increased her influence to another level, bringing forward a platform where the narratives of successful people become much more relatable to listeners. At this podcast, entrepreneurs, business people, celebrities, and entertainers develop an opportunity to tell their stories with the aim of not only encouraging and motivating others but also inspiring them as well. 

One of the most memorable episodes from its first season, titled “The Gen Z Besties Took Over for Christmas,” best shows Ojo’s ability to create content that is engaging and that can be appreciated by people from different backgrounds. The episode placed emphasis on her daughter, Priscilla Ojo, and Priscilla’s best friend, Enioluwa, by discussing issues relevant to Gen Z from a modern perspective. 

In addition, Ojo has used his platform to create space for other celebrities such as Charly Boy, Johnny Drille, and Seun Kuti, among others, who have also featured on his podcast. Through these one-on-one chats, she not only proves her ability to connect with a wide variety of personalities but also shows her dedication to providing valuable content that creates meaningful connections with her audience. 

At the end of the day, the project Alice Iyabo Ojo ventured into emphasised her continued commitment to communicating with her fans in multiple ways and reinforcing her position as a pioneer and pathfinder in the Nigerian media realm. 

18. Feyikemi Abudu and Jola Ayeye (FK and Jollz – IsaidWhatIsaid Podcast)

Feyikemi Abudu and Jola Ayeye stand as prominent figures in Nigeria’s podcasting landscape, renowned for their acclaimed podcast, ISaidWhatISaid, which made its debut in August 2017. 

Feyikemi Abudu, also known as FK, boasts a diverse portfolio beyond podcasting. She is the visionary behind Unpacked, a notable recycling plant and luggage designer nestled in Lagos, Nigeria. Armed with a degree in chemical engineering from University College London, FK’s accomplishments extend to being featured in Time 100 Next Leaders. Prior to her eco-entrepreneurial pursuits, she garnered six years of experience as a business developer and analyst.

On the other hand, Jola Ayeye, legally known as Jola Ayeye, brings her expertise as the co-founder and head of development at Salt & Truth, a distinguished Lagos-based production company specialising in advertisements and television. With a wealth of experience as a seasoned scriptwriter, Jola has amassed numerous credits across television and film. In November 2020, she initiated “Happy Noisemaker,” a book club that swiftly gained traction, emerging as one of the most popular literary gatherings in West Africa.

Feyikemi Abudu and Jola Ayeye have immortalised their names in the history of the Nigerian pop culture industry and media across the world by releasing a weekly podcast titled ISaidWhatISaid every Wednesday. The podcast is now in its sixth season, and it has become a trailblazer by being the first to host a live event for a Nigerian podcast. The first of its kind happened in Lagos on August 21, 2021. Since then, the duo has expanded their reach with 6 more events, including one in London and one in Ghana, strengthening their influence beyond borders.

19. Laura Monyeazo Abebe and Tolani Shobajo (Moet Abebe and Tolani Baj – Bahd and Boujee)

Laura Monyeazo Abebe, professionally known as Moet Abebe, is a Nigerian Video Jockey, Television presenter, actress and On-Air personality. Her fame started to grow when she was determined to go back to Nigeria, where she subsequently embarked on a new career as a TV presenter. 

Tolani Shobajo, or Tolanibaj, as he is fondly called, got attention as one of the selected housemates for the fifth season of Big Brother Naija, which is tagged “Lockdown.”

On October 13, 2023, Moet Abebe and Tolani Baj premiered the podcast, Bahd and Boujee, produced by Glitch Africa Studios. The first episode, themed “Boundaries in relationships” had the hosts discussing relationships and the importance of setting boundaries.

At the moment, the podcast is in its second season.  Some of the guests who have already graced our platform are Ruger, DJ Obi, and many others.  This move has further shown that the podcast has become a secure place with interactive conversations on most trending issues nowadays. 

20. Joey Akan (Afrobeats Intelligence)

Just when Afrobeats was beginning to become a global sound, Joey Akan came into the limelight. As the founder of Afrobeats Intelligence, Akan has become a torchbearer for the genre, shedding light on the beauty of African music and culture. 

Before the emergence of Afrobeats Intelligence, Joey Akan held a senior music editor position at Pulse Nigeria, a position that demonstrated his intimate relationship with the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, in April 2018, he left the company, making it possible for his entrepreneurial start-up. It was in this period that he realised the growing popularity of Afrobeats, a genre that was becoming a global sensation. 

Today, through his Afrobeats Intelligence platform, Joey Akan performs the role of the mediator, revealing previously unknown realms of African music. He is a light that pierces through the darkness, displaying the distinctive tales, characters, or stories that might have been lost otherwise. He is without doubt one of the most impactful Nigerian online media personalities.

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