Video of Nigerian Man Angrily Calling Out His Abroad-Based Uncles For Refusing to Help Him

Video of Nigerian Man Angrily Calling Out His Abroad-Based Uncles For Refusing to Help Him
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A Nigerian man recently took to social media to call out his uncles for refusing to help him during a time of need.

In his emotional outburst, he expressed deep frustration and disappointment over their lack of support, especially considering the cultural expectation of familial assistance within Nigerian society.

The man from Mbaise, Imo state, disclosed that he has four uncles all based abroad, but none of them have extended a helping hand to him since he was born

The TikTok user who showed off the new house one of them is building, disclosed that his uncle gave out the electrical work he does to someone else.

According to him, they’ve never patronised him to know if he’s good and trustworthy, but instead brings other people for their jobs.

He also disclosed that even when he begged them for help while planning a relocation abroad, they gave different excuses on why they can’t help even when he told them he would fund it all.

The man revealed that he decided to speak up so people will know the pain his uncles have caused him.


For people that thinks I’m a lazy man, listen to the full story, I have 4 uncles that lives in the UK for 40 years, if anything good that will help me they will call an outside Young youths in my village will think all that I’m eating come from them that’s why choose to bring it out for the world To know that I’m suffering alone, no one has helped me to this my level

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