Vivian & Rizwan Were Introduced by a Mutual Friend! Enjoy Their Wedding Photos

<div>Vivian & Rizwan Were Introduced by a Mutual Friend! Enjoy Their Wedding Photos</div>
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Vivian and Rizwan are our sweethearts for today and their love story backs up the saying that sometimes, you’ve just got to speak what you desire into existence.

They met through a mutual friend and clicked instantly. What makes their story even sweeter is that Rizwan pretended to be her boyfriend when they hung out and now, he’s her husband! They sealed their love in a beautiful white wedding and it was a display of love in its purest form.

They also repped their Yoruba roots with their trad and everything was a solid hit. From their glamorous looks to the rich display of culture , their lovely wedding serves as another reminder that love and culture is the sweetest mix ever! It was such a delight seeing them surrounded by the warmth of their family and friends and the joy that filled the air was palpable. We are so excited for these two as they embark on their forever journey. 😍

Enjoy their wedding photos and love story below:


How we met
By the bride, Vivian

Riz and I started off as friends and then became lovers (ladies don’t block your blessings!) when we met we hit it off immediately. Fun fact, the first time we hung out, he was my pretend boyfriend to scare off all the boys, look at us now, he’s my husband y’all! Riz is literally my best friend and my soulmate, we do everything together and I’m truly blessed to have a partner that I can be my 100% raw and unfiltered self with. I pray our love and union lasts FOREVER in good health, wealth and unending joy.

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How we met
By the groom, Rizwan

Viv and I met through a mutual friend. When I met her, I felt she was very cute and I fell in love with her dimples. She was just different and there was something about her eye contact! We were all a bunch of friends just enjoying life and making memories till one day (GAN GAN e don appen!) I decided to make my move and asked her out on a date. It’s so funny because people used to always assume we were together then even though we weren’t actually dating YET… I guess they saw it before we did. Viv is driven, kind and just a beautiful person inside and out. I’m absolutely honoured for her to become my wife. MRS RIZZY JONESSS!


Vivian and Rizwan also had a traditional wedding and here’s how it went:







White Wedding

Bride: @finemalaika
Groom: @rizzyjones1
MC: @dayoice
Planner: @victoriabrooksevents
DJ: @iamdeejaycypha

Traditional wedding

Bride @finemalaika
Groom @rizzyjones1
Planner @victoriabrooksevents
Bridal Stylist @thewardrobemanager
Groom Stylist @groomstylingbytwm
Groom’s Outfits @couturebytabik | @magnumstitchesafrica
Groom’s Shoes @louboutinworld | @nineteenthshoes
Bride’s first outfit (Asooke look) @sheyeoladejo
Bride’s second outfit (Peach look) @mazellebridal
Bride’s third outfit (Ivory look) @marveeofficial
Fabric (Peach and Ivory look ) @kubisfabrics
Makeup @peaceibadin_mua
Hair Stylist @marieghold
Gele @khernys_touch
Shoes @aquazzura @stevemadden
Clutch bags @carvela @simonerocha_
Jewellery  @mysecretjewelry_
Photography @thedavidmartinss
Videography @rmstudios_
Content Creator @reelsbyihunanya

Enjoy The Opulence of Culture in Adetutu & Uyi’s Yoruba -Edo Trad!

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