Warped Russian troops returning as ‘sex sadists’ forcing Putin to give wives chilling manual on ‘putting up with abuse’

Warped Russian troops returning as ‘sex sadists’ forcing Putin to give wives chilling manual on ‘putting up with abuse’
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TWISTED Russian troops returning as “sex sadists” from the frontlines have forced Vladimir Putin to introduce a chilling manual for wives to adjust to the abuse.

The training guide highlights the profound psychological changes faced by soldiers during the war – and asks wives to “put up with abuse”.


Former Wagner mercenary Sergei Shakhmarov was found guilty of raping two schoolgirls[/caption]


Another Putin recruit Yury Gavrilov allegedly lured an 11-year-old girl to his flat to rape her[/caption]


The disturbing manual asks spouses of soldiers to ‘endure inappropriate behaviour’[/caption]

Women have been told to give their traumatised men a chance to “thaw out” after returning alive from Putin’s illegal war where hundreds of thousands have died so far.

They have been asked to understand and put up with their partners’ intolerance and aggressive forms of sex.

They must show empathy and support to their husbands even if they are being violent, the guide advises.

It reads: “Changes may manifest themselves in temporary intolerance to touch and decreased sexual desire.

“However, they can also be expressed in increased sexual arousal, the need for frequent sexual acts, and a predisposition to aggressive forms of sex.”

Sexual violence has been among the top traits displayed by Russian men returning from the Ukrainian war where rape has actively been used as a weapon.

Sergei Shakhmarov, a former Wagner mercenary who fought for Putin, was found guilty of raping two schoolgirls aged between 10 and 12 in Novosibirsk, Russia

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The disgraced fighter, 42, was sentenced to 17 years in a maximum security prison.

Yury Gavrilov, another Putin’s recruit, allegedly lured an underaged girl to his flat to rape and torture her.

Chilling CCTV footage showed the paedo guiding the child, 11, to his ground-floor flat in Sol-Iletsk in Russia’s Orenburg region.

He was arrested the same evening – and was later seen with a bloody face after cops beat him up for the alleged crime.

He served in Wagner’s mercenary army after being freed from a jail sentence by Putin.

The guide – created by the pro-war organisation All-Russian People’s Front – tells men returning from war may require psychological help.

Women are asked not to force returning soldiers to experience of the war horror.

They must not criticise them even if they behave inappropriately, the guide says.

They have also been asked not to compare them to other men who may have adapted more easily.

Key points in the Russian manual

THE warped guide has been criticised by activists and campaigners as misogynistic. Here are some of the guidelines for wives mentioned in the book:

  • Do not say you “understand” them but reply with: “I can’t even imagine what you went through.”
  • Put your hand out and wait for as long as necessary so that your spouse can extend his hand to you in response
  • You will respond to his desire and listen. Learn to listen to silence and just be there
  • It is not recommended to approach him abruptly, from behind.
  • It is better to speak in a quiet voice first, and then approach and touch him. 
  • If he doesn’t mind, hug him more often. 
  • Tell your husband that PTSD is a normal reaction of the body after a special military operation and professional help can help deal with it.
  • Make sure he doesn’t blame himself. 
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The manual has been criticised by Alena Popova who said Russian women were being expected to solve the mess created by Putin’s war. 

She said: “In essence, women are told to ‘suck it up, you have to be there no matter what he does’.

“But a woman should not endure everything because her husband has PTSD. 

“They have been asked to endure and obey. But women will not tolerate this in silence and their voices are getting louder.”

 She complained the pro-Kremlin manual asked women to be “proud” of their returning partners and support them – “even if they use violence”.

“Any kind of violence can never be justified,” she added.


Human rights activist Alyona Popova has criticised the manual[/caption]


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