Watch terrifying moment ‘Venezuelan Baby Reindeer’ with chilling dead-eyed stare leaps on victim’s car bonnet

Watch terrifying moment ‘Venezuelan Baby Reindeer’ with chilling dead-eyed stare leaps on victim’s car bonnet
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A WOMAN dubbed the “Venezuelan Baby Reindeer” has been detained by Spanish cops after allegedly stalking dozens of women.

Terrifying footage showed the moment the accused stalker jumped on the car of one of her alleged victims and stared into its windows.


Rebecca García, 33, has been arrested by Spanish cops after allegedly mounting the car of one of her alleged victims[/caption]

García is seen atop a car before staring through its windows and allegedly harassing her victims

García and her brother are accused of stalking dozens of women[/caption]


The pair were detained in Madrid on Monday[/caption]

Rebecca García, 33, is said to have become obsessed with multiple women, repeatedly contacting them in a case which starkly resembles that portrayed in hit British drama-thriller series Baby Reindeer.

García and her brother Francisco were detained in a Madrid supermarket on Monday, about a week after her case first emerged publicly and captured the curiosity of people across South America.

Her alleged stalking came to light amid the flurry of conversation surrounding the autobiographical Netflix series written by and starring Scottish actor and comedian Richard Gadd.

The dark comedy prompted multiple women in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, to share the details of their own traumatic experiences.

They alleged García became obsessed with them and followed them in the street, contacted them repeatedly, and behaved in bizarre and threatening ways towards them.

García has been compared to Baby Reindeer’s “Martha” who is the alleged stalker of Baby Reindeer’s main character “Donny”, a struggling comedian portrayed by Richard Gadd.

The so-called “real Martha”, Fiona Harvey from Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, was not identified by show writer Gadd, but appeared on Piers Morgan’s Uncensored last week to explain her version of events.

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She disputed some of which was portrayed on the show, telling The Scottish Sun that she befriended Gadd but never stalked him.

One of García’s alleged victims, Claudia Aguirrezabal, said García – nicknamed the “Venezuelan Baby Reindeer” by Spanish media – wrote a troubling 500-page sexually-explicit book.

She further claimed García had broken into her home and sent her a message which read: “The killer is inside the house.”

The same alleged victim alleged in a post shared to Instagram that García had threatened to kill her friends.

García allegedly wrote to her: “If somebody is touching you, I am going to kill them as that is disrespectful to us and our relationship.”

Ms Aguirrezabal said she and her alleged stalker had attended the same school, but were five years apart and did not know each other.

The women who claim to have been stalked by García said Spanish police previously refused to take their reports seriously, due to García being a woman and her apparent mental illness.

Several women in Caracas are understood to have been complaining about García since 2019.

But the allegations went viral online last week, prompting Venezuela’s attorney general Tarek William Saab to request García’s extradition from Spain.

Interpol was asked to issue a “red notice” international arrest warrant for the crimes of Promotion and Incitation of Hate and Pornographic Exhibition of Children and Adolescents, and Criminal Conspiracy, the attorney general said.

Mr Saab added: “These subjects dedicated themselves for more than seven years to stalking and harassing women and children, causing terror and fear in the victims.”

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He added that García had been interned nine times in a medical clinic between 2018 and 2021, and her brother once, for “borderline personality disorder, mental disorder from the consumption of psychoactive substances and acute psychopathy”.

Local police in Caracas were said by Mr Saab to have raided the house García and her brother shared, and interviewed some of their alleged victims, including Ms Aguirrezabal and Andreina de Trindade.

Ms De Trindade claimed García sent gifts to her place of work, emailed her crude messages, covered walls near her home in explicit graffiti, and called her from numerous different phone numbers.

She said: “Rebeca is a woman who has dedicated her life to harassing innocent women.

“I am fed up with the law protecting her just for being a woman.”

Baby Reindeer by numbers

The Netflix series has become quite the breakout smash hit…

  • 7 Number of episodes in the series
  • 30 Number of countries the series has topped the Netflix chart in
  • 64 Percentage increase in viewers the show earned in its second week, compared to its first
  • 97 The show’s percentage score on industry bible Rotten Tomatoes
  • 41,071 Amount of emails Richard claims he was sent by the real life Martha
  • 13.3 million Number of viewers who tuned into the show during its first week

García stares through the car window of one of her alleged victims

Spanish cops arrest García and her brother[/caption]

Characters Donny and Martha, played by Richard Gadd and Jessica Gunning, appear in Netflix miniseries Baby Reindeer[/caption]


The so-called ‘real Martha’ from Baby Reindeer, Fiona Harvey, last week spoke to Piers Morgan on his YouTube show Uncensored[/caption]

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