Moment sunbed hoggers get just desserts after towels are drenched by early morning cleaners with HOSES in Tenerife

Moment sunbed hoggers get just desserts after towels are drenched by early morning cleaners with HOSES in Tenerife
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EARLY bird sunbed hoggers got their comeuppance when hotel cleaners drenched their towels with hoses.

The hilarious footage was captured by a disgruntled fellow guest in Tenerife as holiday hotspots brace themselves for a fresh season of sunbed wars.

The hotel cleaners showered the entire outside area early in the morning – drenching the sunbed hoggers towels
A fellow hotel guest filmed the funny scenes and asked whether it ‘served them right’
The Tenerife hotel staff took no prisoners as they washed the outside furniture

The clip, posted to TikTok, showed how a couple of guests had already staked their claim to the poolside loungers with their towels.

But what they hadn’t predicted was the proficiency of the early morning cleaners who enter the terrace area all guns blazing, armed with powerful hoses.

As they spray the ground, no spot is missed in the watery carnage.

The sunbed takers’ well-positioned towels look drenched by the end of the severe scrubdown.

TikTok user @lshucks captioned it: “Does this serve them right?”

For context, she added: “[The towels] were put on the sunbeds around 8am and the folk most likely won’t be back until after 10am as thats when breakfast finishes”.

It comes as fears are growing that this season will see the worst towel wars yet as sun-starved Brits fight to bag the best poolside spot.

Hotels across the Mediterranean are busy making preparations with several issuing warnings that no outside furniture can be reserved unless its for immediate use.

But a group of tourists in Benidorm have already been slammed for their lounger-hoarding after they were filmed lying ontop of stacked up beds.

It comes just days after two British tourists were kicked off their sun loungers by security for trying to hog them too early – breaking the hotel rules.

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Last summer, there was a huge rise in scraps over sunbeds as a sunbed frenzy took hold of Europe.

Brits in popular destinations such as Spain, the Balearic Islands and Turkey took extreme measures to secure their spot in the sun.

The craze saw families rising at the crack of dawn to compete in frantic races once the pool opens to reserve a good lounger – with tourists reduced to tears if they failed.

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The sunbed wars

CHAOS, carnage and a strong dose of competition – it’s that time of the year again as a sun-fuelled frenzy spreads across the Mediterranean.

For many Brit holidaymakers who flocked to popular resorts across Europe in the summer of 2023, the sunbed wars become a focal part of their holidays.

The Sun reported on incidents across Spain, Greece, and even outbreaks near major cities including Barcelona.

The Canary Islands, the Costa Del Sol and the Costa Blanca saw some of the worst of the frenzy as tourists spoke of the “carnage” which unfolded each morning.

At a Spanish hotel last August the situation was so extreme that bosses were forced to hire a security guard to break up fights between tourists, while local authorities threatened to slap them with hefty fines.

However, it appears the battles for the loungers is back again as hotels brace for another season of viral shenanigans.

And this year there are fears Brits could see the worst towel wars yet.

Some hotels have even banned reserving sunbeds with towels, putting up signs around the pool.

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The Sun even jetted into the heart of the action on the Costa del Sol last August to find Brit tourists caught up in the carnage that they described as “hell breaking loose”.

Even kids were not spared in the parasol wars – with tourists filmed using their children to beat the mad early morning rush in Malaga.

Spanish authorities even told sunbed hoggers they could be slapped with £650 fines if caught in the act.

One UK holidaymaker was so concerned about the spiralling that she even packed her own lounger — in a suitcase.

A family were given nearly £300 in compensation after they complained they were unable to ever get a sunlounger at the hotel they were staying at.

The battles on the beaches got so painful in Greece that locals last summer kickstarted the so-called “Towel Movement” to demand an end to pandemonium.

The protesters demands were clear – they wanted to “reclaim the beaches” from the loungers that coated the sand.

Sun readers even caught fellow countrymen and women claiming sun loungers at 11.30pm the night before to ensure they have a prime location to catch some rays.

Hotel guests were seen racing to the pool to grab a spot
The Sun watched hotel guests in Costa del Sol last year racing to grab the best spot
Holidaymakers were waking up as early as 5am to reserve a poolside lounger
Holidaymakers were waking up as early as 5am to reserve a poolside lounger
The Save Paros Beaches managed to get hundreds of sunbeds removed from the beach
Residents in Greek declared war against sunbeds that plagued their beaches last summer

Etiquette experts reveals how long you can reserve a bed for without being rude

AN etiquette expert has revealed her rules for reserving sun loungers at hotel pools – without being rude.

Etiquette and elegance expert Katarina shared her views on TikTok and said people need to be less selfish and more considerate of other hotel guests.

In the footage, she said: “If you’re staying at a hotel, avoid blocking the sunbeds if you’re not planning on staying. It’s disrespectful toward other guests.

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“Unless the hotel has a reservation system in place, only occupy the sunbeds when you’re staying by the pool.”

Another etiquette expert, William Hanson, reckons there is a 30-minute grace period on poolside reservations.

This is where hotel guests can use a towel or a book to reserve a spot for no longer than half an hour.

William told the Sun Online Travel: “In the morning, at the start of the day, and you’re by the pool after breakfast, then it’s fine at 8.30 to put your towel on the bed to reserve your spot.”

“But later on in the day after you’ve used the lounger, and go off for a massage, for example, which is going to be an hour, then you can’t use a towel to reserve the sun lounger.”

If you’re grabbing some grub at lunchtime, William said holidaymakers are allowed to eat at the hotel bar or restaurant providing you’re not gone longer than 30 minutes.

He said: “It also gives your towel time to dry off.”

William said despite the grace period, “You can’t hog the sun lounger for the entire day.”


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