Peller Hosts Turkish Investors in Lagos as Turkiye-Nigeria Bilateral Trade Deepens

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A former member of the House of Representatives and founder of Aquila Group, Honourabe Shina Peller, has described Nigerians as resilient, focused, innovative, problem-solvers who adapt to situations easily, noting that Turkish people also share similar attributes.

Honourabe Peller, who is the President of the GOTNI CEOs Leadership Council, disclosed this while delivering his speech as the host of the Turkiye-Nigeria Business and Investment Summit held recently in Lagos.

The summit, which was the second edition, witnessed the presence of investors from Turkey and Nigeria who have gathered to explore and deepen collaboration and partnership opportunities between both nations to drive economic growth and prosperity.

It would be recalled that in October 2023, Honourabe Peller, whilst delivering his keynote address at the first edition of the summit held in Istanbul, Turkey, had described Nigeria as a gateway to Africa’s world of creativity and emphasized the need for Turkish entrepreneurs and investors to engage with the country’s growing market for remarkable Return on Investment (RoI).

Highlighting some of the benefits Turkish investors stand to gain from doing business with Nigeria, Honourable Peller had noted that Nigeria, with over 250 diverse ethnic groups and local languages, represents the economic and cultural potential that exist across the African continent.

Also at the Istanbul summit, Peller had stressed that Nigeria’s youthful population and growing middle class present a substantial consumer base for businesses to thrive. He added that the country boasts of abundant natural resources, from oil and gas to agriculture, offering immense investment potential. His romance with the Turkish investors at the first edition of the summit prompted the second edition held in Lagos.

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Speaking further at the Lagos summit, Honourabe Peller expressed concerns that Nigeria is being perceived wrongly in a negative way by many who have little or even no knowledge about the country. He therefore stressed the need for all Nigerians to consider re-writing the country’s story in a positive way it should be. He added that every Nigerian must see the task as a priority and his/her civic responsibility.

Peller argued that in contrary to what is being perceived wrongly by some people from other parts of the world, Nigeria is a country of boundless potential and home to some of the world’s most creative minds, assuring the Turkish investors that they will never regret doing business with Nigeria.

In addition, Honourable Peller emphasized the significance of fostering strong bilateral relationships between countries. He highlighted the fact that collaboration and partnerships are key drivers of economic growth and prosperity.

Moreover, Peller, who is a member of the event board for the forthcoming Global Entrepreneurship Festival holding in Akure November 2024, stressed the need for both Turkey and Nigeria to work together to explore new opportunities and maximize mutual benefits.

Furthermore, one of the key points raised by Honourable Shina Peller was the importance of leveraging opportunities for growth in key sectors such as technology, agriculture, and infrastructure. He emphasized the need for strategic investments and partnerships that would drive innovation and sustainable development for both countries.

Also speaking in his capacity as the Ayedero of Yorubaland, Honourabe Peller spoke about the importance of encouraging cross-cultural exchange between Turkey and Nigeria. He emphasized the need for cultural understanding and appreciation, which are essential for building strong and lasting relationships.

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He stressed that by fostering cultural exchange programs and initiatives, both countries can enhance mutual understanding and create a harmonious environment for collaboration.

In the same vein, another crucial aspect of Honourable Shina Peller’s speech was the focus on promoting sustainable development through responsible business practices and investments. Peller stressed the importance of environmental conservation and social responsibility in all business endeavors.

He added that by promoting sustainability, both Turkey and Nigeria can create a more resilient and prosperous future for generations to come. He, therefore urged the Turkish businessmen to leverage the abundant opportunities in the country by investing in Nigeria.

Some of the people in attendance at the Lagos summit are Gabriel Idahosa, President of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Ismail Aktas, General President of the Eurasia Businessmen Association of Turkeys, Ilhan Keskin, Yavus Selim Silay, Hakan Hatkaoglu, Board Chairman, OMAS Machine Automation Industry and Trade Limited Company, Ridvan Yasin Altay, Oguz Uysal Cengiz Pisirici, among others.

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